I Attempted Impossible Mario
JaidenAnimations the Anime
I Hate Reading
Prije godine
I Don't Like the Dentist
The History of my Hair
My Time at "Camp Operetta"
Locked out of my House
Prije 2 godina
What my trip to Japan was like
Being the Best/Worst Ever
My Experience with Sports
howler Prije 22 sati
Anyone whatching this from 2021
Main dev of earth
Main dev of earth Prije 22 sati
E Vids
E Vids Prije 22 sati
The release date for the anime tell me
Main dev of earth
Main dev of earth Prije 22 sati
DuckGoesViral Prije 22 sati
i cant beleive 2017 was 4 years ago i still sometimes think like: oh its from 2017 so its 2 years ago
BRICK animation World
BRICK animation World Prije 22 sati
FIDGETS Prije 22 sati
This is really sad😢
Kacper Milakowski
Kacper Milakowski Prije 22 sati
I know what this is you made a video of this about you thinking you were not good enough and a voice in your head said you should stop eating and you're a disgrace p.s. your not
Lets argue
Lets argue Prije 22 sati
I agree…becouse i was the toxic one…
Bob Hale is king
Bob Hale is king Prije 22 sati
Here is story about very good sub So I ain’t gonna say his name (obviously) but he awesome Okay he started being our sub because our teacher got COVID And for like 2 days I missed some of his classes because I had COVID But when I went back to school I saw that we had toy farm animals on our desks! (It lasted for 2 days of me being back because people where taking toys of other peoples tables and fighting about it) AND I was told he dabbed the day before I came back And he was very funny That’s it °-°
Rose_das Prije 22 sati
the sad thing for me is I'm turning into Jaiden and its not because of this video its me
Kacper Milakowski
Kacper Milakowski Prije 22 sati
if I tried it would sound like chips crunching
An Lã Ninh
An Lã Ninh Prije 22 sati
Jaden!i just want to ask about do you have email, just that
Brick Prije 22 sati
Was the banana incident at Walmart?
Logan Useller
Logan Useller Prije 22 sati
I have this but my parents dont believe me what do I do
Tabby U
Tabby U Prije 22 sati
i dont care what you look like, your content is amazing either way ! keep on keeping on! 🥰
Kacper Milakowski
Kacper Milakowski Prije 22 sati
i wish i could play some instruments
LiaLovesBees Prije 22 sati
Rain S
Rain S Prije 22 sati
I always open the stall door first and then flush, so I have a clean and immediate exit...
Nataniel Gierczak
Nataniel Gierczak Prije 22 sati
My dog Tajra see died on 2021 October 1 I hate that day 🥺😭
steven jacomb
steven jacomb Prije 22 sati
i love stuffed animals too lol like i am obsessed
Peepeepoopoo Gamer
Peepeepoopoo Gamer Prije 22 sati
Ari is so cute
KARIDEN Prije 23 sati
Really cool sis that's soo awesome girl
Kobe Tyler Legaspi
Kobe Tyler Legaspi Prije 23 sati
Kobe Tyler Legaspi
Kobe Tyler Legaspi Prije 23 sati
244566777???????? Dude that was terrible
Ranger Nite
Ranger Nite Prije 23 sati
It's 2021!!!!11!!!1!!!1!!111
Kacper Milakowski
Kacper Milakowski Prije 23 sati
I'm not big of a fan of candy either
Akshay Prasad John
Akshay Prasad John Prije 23 sati
Is this a game music
Sour Candy
Sour Candy Prije 23 sati
🤣🤣but i read the description
Mirakell Prije 23 sati
I finally made an animation video omgg it takes forever- so much respect to you for your videos. Amazing quality as always ✨
Syakirah Abdul
Syakirah Abdul Prije 23 sati
Panda Pixie
Panda Pixie Prije 23 sati
Shoot. I'd watch it!
Aidan Falk
Aidan Falk Prije 23 sati
Why didn’t you make a video for aris 4th&5th birthday
knightblazeru Prije 23 sati
I just learned to kick someone toxic in my life for 11 years. He was a good friend , I stick to the things I seen before but started to negate all these flags. Little by little he starts to compete out of everything from academics, other relationships, cockblocking where till now were at our 30's competing with life choices and all. He even tried flirting with my wife. He made me his baseline that he is not the LEAST of a person and its me. He makes me felt like I was second everytime where I never knew there was a competition to begin with. It's good that I got rid of him and his toxicity
Apple Juice
Apple Juice Prije 23 sati
The potassium is still better because browner bananas are sweeter because potassium and sugar makes it brown so eat brown bananas
Spencer Jackson
Spencer Jackson Prije 23 sati
Hey I’m from southern Utah an we got lots of cacti. Shame shame!
President Timmy
President Timmy Prije 23 sati
4:22 you go to school in the summer?
GamingSquared420 Prije 23 sati
Fun Fact: Years ago I went to a summer vacation at church and once I came back my testicles were covered in bites and over the days it got worse and spread all over my body including my hands so I went to the doctors and I had a thing called scavies it was like chiggers but way worse and I had scavies for a year until I was finally rid of scavies so in conclusion this was the most Aggravating year of my life
Akshay Prasad John
Akshay Prasad John Prije 23 sati
This video is not like your recent videos love your hair design
Andy Fathmal Mudzakkir
Andy Fathmal Mudzakkir Prije 23 sati
Jaidan hahaha 😂
stinky bread
stinky bread Prije 23 sati
I haven’t seen this woman in 1-2 years omg
Yana Chuvasa チュばさヤナ
Yana Chuvasa チュばさヤナ Prije 23 sati
When I realized the story line is kinda similar to darling in the franxx bc space and aliens
Kable10 Fan
Kable10 Fan Prije 23 sati
i fucking hate halloween
Ian Peralta
Ian Peralta Prije dan
I' habf A bog in 🐦
Duc Minh Nguyen
Duc Minh Nguyen Prije dan
Vat19 2015: "They say the pen is mightier than the sword" Jaiden: LET ME DO BOTH
We realy want you to make an anime series
Ilaria BelleB
Ilaria BelleB Prije dan
Using subtitles on this video you can encounter the legendary Obama Snow.
coco_puffyz Prije dan
how a bout you explain your birthday to
Gumi Prije dan
2:15 Im the same way. I now have a pixie cut
Forever Pets
Forever Pets Prije dan
Same with the stuffed animals. Lets just say I may have hundreds...
Sleepy arti'xeon
Sleepy arti'xeon Prije dan
Imagine if the game was animated like this,or even the anime BUT JAIDEN STYLE??!?!!!??
Lily Barba
Lily Barba Prije dan
It sounds like you’re saying giga dream instead of giggle drain -.-
MeTVee Prije dan
I remember I had reading assignments and I had to read a Magic Treehouse book and I said "Pssshhh I can read this thing in 30 minutes-" It took me 2 hours but I read the whole freaking book
Nagaraja Mulki Shenoy
Nagaraja Mulki Shenoy Prije dan
The way she smelled “squidward” , I lost it.
Spray! Prije dan
:´) Pretty good stuff
Kacper Milakowski
Kacper Milakowski Prije dan
I won't hate you for your looks I'm a fan that stays and doesn't go for anything I promise, and please don't starve yourself, you are an awesome person that deserves better than starvation and pain please don't worry about a face reveal I promise it doesn't matter how you look what matters is who you are.
LazyMoth09 Prije dan
Jaiden: walnuts are very nutritious, eat some! Me: but.. Id die. (*has a bad walnut allergy*)
Angelica Romo
Angelica Romo Prije dan
Hey jaiden remember when you did that cooking mama for the day well it’s now on switch making it a bit different and I think you should try it
Xxxcute_pikachuxxx Prije dan
OakleyTheBunny Prije dan
I have a bunny
Isaiah Schossler
Isaiah Schossler Prije dan
Who created the robots
saki Prije dan
In the pokemon alola plsss
jake Prije dan
Make him say the s word
Deodath Mansook
Deodath Mansook Prije dan
vegan teacher would love this
-IzzyDidWhat- Prije dan
i clicked this and i see powerpuff girls what did i do in my life
tora the saiyan
tora the saiyan Prije dan
Can I mail you a 3d ds game for you to play?
Kofi Egyanda
Kofi Egyanda Prije dan
Jaiden:says she’s sneaky whith her undercut Also jaiden:”exposes herself
jake Prije dan
I'm the real cheetah