Things about Relationships I wish someone told me about

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people are weird sometimes

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Roel Van Eyken
Roel Van Eyken Prije 7 minuta
This video is interesting, though for a different reason than one might expect. I recognise very little in what is said in this video (but that's not an attack on its quality or thrutfullness in any way). I feel as if this video is speaking from a certain perspective. The perspective of someone who makes friends relatively easily. As it happens, I'm not one of these people and as such, my problems are with forming relationships (any relationship) rather than leaving them, in contrast to this video. I also don't need a lot of human contact to feel satisfied, though even for my standards I do often end up having too few of it (especially in the romantic department). So it felt like a sneak peek into someone else's mind, one that isn't mine. Which did broaden my perspective (though that also means that certain aspects of this video are my opinion not necessarilly always universally applicable to every person)
Anna Prije 23 minuta
Me and my family, we are prone to get manipulated. When I was younger, I used to have a toxic friend I used to consider as my true bestie, we'll call her M (first letter of her name) but she just liked blackmailing me and hurting me. I want to give 100% credit to mom for helping me deal with it and learn on how to escape the situation. She actually moved away after our 1st year in school but came back 6 years later. We aren't enemies, we're friends but not that close. I also had other girls in my first year who did the same thing to me. Actually it was one one more girl (A,)who used to team up with my supposed "best friend". As a lonely child, my utmost desire at that time was to make friends and they found out this weakness of mine which they used to blackmail me with. The second girl's 2 bffs (Those two, In and Z, didn't know I existed before and just ignored me. One of them is my current best friend who is Z) and I grew close around 4-5th grade and now I am also somewhat friends with A now. Z was surprisingly the person who decided to grow closer to me, in 1st year, I used to admire her (along with In) but then later on around 3rd year (I was very vengeful towards A and her friends) I used to think she was full of herself. She started invited me to have lunch with her, along with A and In (Me and A just didn't talk much but we were ok with each other). In and me had fun together when we were alone, this started happening when Z started wanting to hang out with me. I was growing closer to those two but I still kept myself distant with A because why not lol. During the Pandemic, me and Z became official best friends (in secret after she had a fight with In and said that In would kill both of us if she found out lol) and In and I mainly started bonding during 5th year because of Harry Potter. She was the one who encouraged me to read it and I do not regret it. Did I really just write a short story about my life?
Noble Brown
Noble Brown Prije sat
And Omg it's SATAN jk
Rinnie Brown
Rinnie Brown Prije 2 sati
Hi, thank you for creating this amazing video that makes us realize if we're already having a toxic relationship. However, i disagree removing friends just because they vent too much to you. I understand that sometimes it feels like a burden when our friend always share their problems/ mental illness to us, like what they're doing is they're having us as their own therapist. We want to say " i have no time to listen to your vents, i have my own problems too! You should just get a therapist" However, for me, i feel joy whenever i help my friends. Some of my friends can't afford a therapist. Helping others helps me to heal myself too. I don't want to live in a world where kindness is a weakness. I feel joy whenever i make my friends realize they they're worth listening to, that they're worth loving too even though they always fall short. When you serve other people, you unconsciously feel joy and purpose within you. I am not trying to say that you should do this too. But this is just my own experience. Everyone has their own experience. When a person becomes too much toxic to you, it's also good to cut them also in your life because it has been affecting you negatively. There's a fine line between still continuing to help other people and when it's time to stop because it's affecting your life negatively. I hope you guys have a wonderful day.
Shawn Prije 3 sati
I'm still kinda toxic, stopped seeking relationships cause I know I'm a toxic person. Could try therapy but I don't really have the time or money. Military therapy is ass. So I'm just going to not seek an active relationship until I'm sure I've grown better as a person. Or just get 5 more dogs and be a dog person.
Parth Prije 8 sati
Ah thanks jaiden this really helped me
Sarah QB
Sarah QB Prije 8 sati
Just realised I'm the toxic person in a relationship with my crush :D
Sarah QB
Sarah QB Prije 8 sati
Final Theory Games
Final Theory Games Prije 10 sati
BTW, the animation here is freaking amazing!!!!!!!!!
Final Theory Games
Final Theory Games Prije 10 sati
I typically take a stick of butter and don't even use a butter knife, but instead just rub the stick of butter direction onto the toast.
Ira Hays
Ira Hays Prije 10 sati
Like the time I caught the roomie watching WWE SmackDown on TV.... how can you really trust someone after that?
Gaby Chan
Gaby Chan Prije 11 sati
So it's been almost a year now that my long-term relationship with my ex-boyfriend has ended... I'm not still over it. But, at the last years, both of us stopped communicating. We were so afraid of hurting each other, being hurt, that we just... Kept going with it. And people usually tend to think that "not having fights must be a good relationship". There are bad fights, and the good ones too. When you need to point that something is wrong, or feels wrong (6:00) that will probably start some sort of discussion. Please try to be calm and gentle with your friend and partner when this moment arrives, but never, never give up of having these conversations. I don't know if I ever manipulated my ex in any way... But I know that I put a lot of pressure and weight on him (4:20). That was not good at all and I will carry this regret for life, I think. I just... can't get over the fact that even though I got to seek help, it was a little too late to save my relationship. He did wrong in his way too, and many many times I got confused: Is this a real red flag? Is this my anxiety painting it red? Other many times, people around me would be adding so many flags where I was pretty sure that they didn't exist, of course because they care about me, but that was hurting too... (Things like, "why he doesn't want to marry you?", or "it's been so long!", "he doesn't love you!") Anyway, thanks so much for this video. I loved that there are looots of visual metaphors for everything and it makes very easy to follow! Loved it all, so smooth!! +1 sub!
Momo Prije 13 sati
7:22 TOGA???
Rose__ Prije 17 sati
I want a mobile game or something about protecting your eco system by ticking off self care tasks like drinking water and such.... can anyone think of any similar ones?
Mankeil Prije 18 sati
"relationships are just a little sprinkle on top" Just no. We are social animals, personal relationships are a basic human need. We are living in a time where loneliness is more and more widespread (and loneliness as deadly as smoking or obesity). I'm tired of this dumb fucking "YoU aRe SuPpOsEd tO bE HaPpY bY yOuRsElf" that's not how our biology works, that's not how any of this works
Dante Chichizola
Dante Chichizola Prije 19 sati
I realised that one of my “friends” called Mark was manipulating me after watching this video, thanks so much for the helpful tips! (Dante’s Son wrote this comment)
Brie Rasmussen
Brie Rasmussen Prije 20 sati
wow. i didn't know a youtuber could be so smart. or deep. or right. ;-; no offence
Lets argue
Lets argue Prije dan
I agree…becouse i was the toxic one…
knightblazeru Prije dan
I just learned to kick someone toxic in my life for 11 years. He was a good friend , I stick to the things I seen before but started to negate all these flags. Little by little he starts to compete out of everything from academics, other relationships, cockblocking where till now were at our 30's competing with life choices and all. He even tried flirting with my wife. He made me his baseline that he is not the LEAST of a person and its me. He makes me felt like I was second everytime where I never knew there was a competition to begin with. It's good that I got rid of him and his toxicity
killord 11
killord 11 Prije dan
I have so many friends who do drugs but I'm not following them because it's bad to follow people you don't know what there up to. So I follow them to the shops and ye they start smoking 🚬 and asked me to smoke with them I said no and I went away I'm still friends with them but I'm not in there area when they are smoking😅 be smart guy's use your brain I'm a basketball player and don't want to be wasted to drugs.
Schäfchen Prije dan
Love how all the jerks are guys. Makes my feel really good to be a men...
KubaKaktus_ Prije dan
9:00 laying on a bed of nails. Don't you make a wrong step or else you'll g et impaled...
yes Prije dan
my friend: i am pathetic me: now you realized?
We Be
We Be Prije dan
« Don’t let other people force their junk ´ you » Me: i see what you did there
AimB0T oP
AimB0T oP Prije dan
Hey need help! So I saw my friend's friends were using her for their benefits so I pointed out them and told my girlfriend and see also realised now she hardly has 1-2 friends and she doesn't trust them so I take her to date every weekend so she won't feel the need of Friends cuz she really got alot of fake friends. Me and my gf hang around play games do study together dose that makes me a manipulater ?
Emily nam
Emily nam Prije dan
Who the hell is the 10k who disliked this? This is an important little video! And deserves more views!
Amadeus Prije dan
I’m not manipulative cause I don’t have any relationships no family, friends or relationship. I’m the most non toxic person ever. Cause I don’t care or interfere with other i just do me and let others be. I’m not even toxic to myself which is a very common thing nowadays.
Ali Fergany
Ali Fergany Prije dan
8:06 is that a JoJo reference?
Tianna Thecat
Tianna Thecat Prije dan
Did anyone else notice that she made Toga from my hero academia
Eli Hall
Eli Hall Prije dan
This video is awesome, did not expect to be so hooked. Nice job I’m subbing
icarean Prije dan
Whew. This is excellent. And true. And insightful. And difficult (but good) to watch because of all of those things.
San dro
San dro Prije dan
Many good advice. Take in mind that some people lack all regards to moral (the psychopathic) and will back stab you before you even get to hear about them. That person will have already gathered information about you, spread rumors about you and then come to you as a soulamate and the hero to the situation. If you see that happening to you RUN! That is a psychopath and psychopaths causes far far greater pain than a regular abuser/bully. Sadly if that person already got you in like High school or any other situation where you can't escape. I honestly recommend moving, not to another class. Simply move, unexpectedly. In that way you get a fresh start, and the psychopath will have his/her plans shattered. Sadly the problem is not always you, but the people around siding with the abuser. People by nature side with the one the fear the most. Which is usually the back stabbing abuser.
NCS Nightcore
NCS Nightcore Prije dan
this video is so healthy, boundaries are key, preach!
ilcapodeicapi Prije dan
not all drugs are the same
clearly pretty
clearly pretty Prije dan
such an important video
Birb Prije dan
2:41 i love the dramatic sound effect lol
YTpro000 Prije dan
Toxic as shiiiiiiii T
Lancelot DuBois
Lancelot DuBois Prije dan
It's always the same, whamin good and men baaad
Yorks 2010
Yorks 2010 Prije dan
I haved a friend and i went whit my other friends and she was mad and sad ...😑
Teodora Prije dan
I had a friend who manipulated and controlled me, but I thought she was good, but that's not the case😕😣😭
Tadhg Murphy Vito
Tadhg Murphy Vito Prije 2 dana
waching your vidios brighten my day
DarkWitch Prije 2 dana
You know what... I struggle with a lot of second thoughts after meeting people I'm not sure if are right for me. This video gave me the courage to stand up for myself and be happy and proud about it again. I wish more people would watch it Shoutout to others in similar situation: as Jaiden said you're worthy of a healthy ecosystem filled with people who support your growth and don't let anyone make you feel otherwise
V. M. Heckman
V. M. Heckman Prije 2 dana
Thanks for this. Thank you so much.
NO SUBS Prije 2 dana
i'm just going to share this because also me cannot understand what i've been doing lately, i was aware of this topic and yes i have a girl friend before that cheated on me, did so many shits on me, so i became very cold and not trusting anyone at all, i was also afraid of any circumstances so even if i feel so damn sad i cant talk to anyone, because they might think that i was manipulating them, its just hard.
Kiyoshi Prije 2 dana
I don't need to pretend anymore. Thank you
✨Çhéßhïré Çøràl✨
✨Çhéßhïré Çøràl✨ Prije 2 dana
Anyone else notice the toga hairstyle? 😂 It got me wheezing
meme Prije 2 dana
i like why no one is just like: wait a why? is the reflection of the mirror not right??
Mitsuki's Animation_
Mitsuki's Animation_ Prije 2 dana
0:29 Wait Something Familiar 0-0
Slidge Prije 2 dana
7:21 it's Toga from My Hero Academia lol, i just realise
Crazy_Finatac_ Trainwreck
Crazy_Finatac_ Trainwreck Prije 2 dana
Off topic of the video, but did anyone else notice Jaiden slide a mha reference by putting Toga in there?
TaWiki Prije 2 dana
My 5 years reletionship- I'll just wait one year till school ends 👌
Emmett’s World
Emmett’s World Prije 2 dana
NO MO CUSSIN 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
HogwartsSimba09 Prije 2 dana
7:55 but what if they do need you, though? what then?
Ben Chakon
Ben Chakon Prije 2 dana
Thank you Jaiden, so much. You have no idea how much this has helped me.
Anderson Plaquin
Anderson Plaquin Prije 2 dana
🍄Mushrooms🍄 Prije 2 dana
Am I the only one who noticed toga is in the vid? 🤨
ASimpleOnlineArtist Prije 2 dana
7:23 Eyo TOGA- does maiden watch My hero acadmia 🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐
honeybear Prije 2 dana
when you were the manipulative one without knowing it, and now your idea of love is warped because you feel like you need to be around them 24/7 unless theyll slip away:
Chris Coughs
Chris Coughs Prije 2 dana
I think I have a toxic relationship with my mom.
Duncan Alexander
Duncan Alexander Prije 2 dana
Sounds like every CoDA meeting ever. Thanks for the content!
FlyingNoodlesGood Prije 2 dana
Therapy with Jaiden
Zosia Kuku
Zosia Kuku Prije 2 dana
I wish I've seen this vid before my ex murdered my baby... maybe if I left him in time, things would be different :(
vermillion cc7
vermillion cc7 Prije 2 dana
okay so basically chadmaxx and stop caring about emotions thanks video
JakiestJake Prije 2 dana
nah we just both shit on our eco systems, that's why it's balanced and we still are in a relationship, easy
Bostonian 994
Bostonian 994 Prije 3 dana
"Dont let them forcefully shove their junk on you." Lol
SkidCat258~❤ Prije 3 dana
My EX is being really toxic and rude to me :/ Now im sad
Fosha Prije 3 dana
I Don't have to worry about this since I don't have friends. Nice video tho! Very educational.
i'm stupid
i'm stupid Prije 3 dana
SentinelShyGuy Prije 3 dana
Damn, my island is broken and in shambles, thanks for making me realize. Time to go tend to it.
BlkMajik 21
BlkMajik 21 Prije 3 dana
i really needed to hear this
Big Papi
Big Papi Prije 3 dana
The problem with this is that it may lead people into a false view of others. It may cause people to reinterpret certain interactions in a malicious light, specifically because a lot of people view themselves as the hero in their own little story, and could end in them running away from a metaphorical fly. It also reinforces an unhealthy view of normality within oneself, elevating ones ego by virtue of being surrounded by "toxic" people to the point where eventually, the victim becomes the victimizer. Nobody should lock away so many people entirely from their lives, however the degree of interaction is should be fine to change. I think this is what a lot of people misunderstand, and it ends up making them more unlikeable than the people they run away from.
Alice Prije 3 dana
I put myself down but that’s because I have zero self esteem
Cinderace Prije 3 dana
I mean having a friendship is good until you start betraying you because they already know all your personality and secrets
David Krane
David Krane Prije 3 dana
Wish this was 90% positive instead of the opposite
Paula Latanza
Paula Latanza Prije 3 dana
hushedx Prije 3 dana
i come back to this video every now and then to remind myself of this. thank u :)
_the pleather’s fine_
_the pleather’s fine_ Prije 3 dana
Ty for this Jaiden. Me and my bsf started being more open emotionally and I’m starting to realize maybe she doesn’t care about me as much as I thought she did I’m the type of person to blame myself for everything but I’m starting to think maybe she’s been a little toxic (she occasionally says hurtful things and I’m not even sure if she realizes it) She’s admitted to going back to her other friend (who she told me was not a great friend) and that friend tells her she shouldn’t be open with me and that my bsf should solely rely on her for emotional support. She was friends with my bsf first and I think she feels likes she’s losing her bsf but I feel the same, and I feel like I’m getting abandoned. For a little while I texted my bsf little nightly “I care abt u and don’t hurt urself and I’m always up to talk” type texts which she said made her feel worse. Now I feel like an awful friend and that I can’t talk to anyone cause my bsf constantly complains abt being the therapist. Maybe we should’ve never gotten so open about our feelings with each other… anyway sorry for the rant ty to anyone who’s read this hope u have a wonderful day make sure to take care of yourself💙
souls entertainment
souls entertainment Prije 3 dana
i know im super late but why katie morton? one of the worst people on youtube, i like jaiden but katie cant even admit her license
Dominus Devacore
Dominus Devacore Prije 3 dana
Watch out for 'friends' that cause you to doubt your friends causing you to be isolated. Look at all those people who praise a video focused on making you doubt your friends. I'd give this a thumbs up for being a clever troll but I have a feeling the person releasing this video has no idea they're abusive.
Merrik Ambler
Merrik Ambler Prije 3 dana
marie kim
marie kim Prije 3 dana
okay uhm, can we take a moment to realize that toga was in that one part of the video
reths riley
reths riley Prije 3 dana
it's GOD is with me, My Jesus is with me, No one is a God, it's not a joke. so pls never say you are God it's wrong you are not but he is always with you, you just have to call him because if you don't ask him for help how can he help? This video taught me so much thanks.
Beau Heikkinen Holden
Beau Heikkinen Holden Prije 3 dana
i am the 'toxic' part
TheBayzent Prije 3 dana
Before the pandemic I considered myself extroverted and was very social, unfortunately, this led to many taking advantage of me and I was in the way of cutting down relationships, which sped up during the pandemic, when I decided to cut off all of my relationships, literally, and put up massive boundaries so I'm just establishing casual surface relationships with people and never open up. Surprisingly I'm happier than ever being a Hermit than with other people. People suck.
BatPierrot Prije 3 dana
2:20 if Sally has so few love for her friends that Chad talking shit about them is enough for her to push them away, then she's also a piece of shit. Your toxic boyfriend is an asshole, granted. But he's also your best excuse. Make your choices and own them.
Apocalypse Lemon
Apocalypse Lemon Prije 3 dana
It's amazing how broken our culture is. Here you have a tutorial on how to overanalyze every relationship in your life to the point of failure. I can't imagine anyone who internalizes this advice having a successful relationship. "Not responsible for anyone's happiness" is a ludicrously selfish attitude to take into a relationship. How could two people who are entirely focused on their own lives ever coexist? If there is no barrier to separation why bother trying to work through difficult scenarios? The fact that a license specialist advises bailing on every relationship that isn't 100% positive explains why there's such a high divorce rate now. No two humans in history would pass the checklist in this video 100% of the time and no couple on earth would stay together if they didn't do the exact opposite of this video's advice more than once.
The bobux man
The bobux man Prije 3 dana
wow so deep
Kujo Jotaro
Kujo Jotaro Prije 3 dana
8:07 is that a JoJo reference?
Shadow Mitu
Shadow Mitu Prije 3 dana
Mom to her 5 year old child: "I am not responsible for anyones happyness and noone should need me. Go cook your own food and get a job"
%!D!0T% Prije 3 dana
we were both manipulative. first i was, then he was. our relationship was super toxic.
Drew Prije 3 dana
I'm impressed, too often society implies a responsibility to you on another person's behalf based on your relationship. It is very rare to see that each person has a responsibility to themselves. It is unfair to use another person as a release when the situation started with you/them. You control your relationship with someone - know your self-worth. This is not taught but learned over time. Great job presenting this information.
Ka-1atmyth Prije 3 dana
i feel like you dump all of ur probolems on us and we dont notice becuase ur cool and we like you so no one notices
Xxhumanfaith Prije 4 dana
Wait Chad isn't Gigachad?!
Shounak Kundu
Shounak Kundu Prije 4 dana
Thank you, this was brilliant stuff. Extremely helpful. :')
Random Guy
Random Guy Prije 4 dana
If you tone your pitch a little lower, you will sound like Marceline.
Parlons Astro(nomie)
Parlons Astro(nomie) Prije 4 dana
1:40 If he force her to not see her friend it is not manipulation. Manipulating is making an idea emerge in someone's brain so that they think it came from them, which is what you describe after that. But your exemple is still meaningful, manipulation in toxic relation is not that abovious as it distilled over time.
Jaiden: talks about ways manipulating people can work My Scorpio brain for some reason: WRITE THAT DOWN WRITE THAT DOWN
Purab U S
Purab U S Prije 4 dana
What we learnt 1. Be aware of the manipulation in relationships 2. Take care of your ecosystem 3. And eliminate toxic shit The End
QueerQueen468 Prije 4 dana
But she’s my best friend
Duane Komisarek
Duane Komisarek Prije 4 dana
What If a family member is being toxic and you live with them 🤔
The worst thing that's ever happened to me
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