The Closest Feeling to Death that isn't Death

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i feel like die

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YuriisAllie Prije 11 sati
i have been losing my sanity bc of cats, their too cute.
• sleepy_ally •
• sleepy_ally • Prije 21 sat
Generalgaming Prije dan
i'm going to do that for about 10 more years "if you've ever sacrificed physical mental and/or emotional health to overwork yourself into an extremely depressive state of mind that takes days to recover from in hopes to be happy with a result knowing it's probably not going to be worth it in the end?"
Manny Playz
Manny Playz Prije dan
Guy in the corner:I don’t have friends Me:*just know that boyinaband is her friend*
Mr.swissroll Prije dan
y'all ever heard of the makeout chart in naruto ultimate ninja 1?
Lily Nasworthy
Lily Nasworthy Prije dan
I’m watching this video while I’m writing 3 essays, 2 of them for other people who are gonna each pay me 100 bucks for it
That bomb guy Morales
That bomb guy Morales Prije dan
NinjaFoxx Prije dan
*raises hand*
Rehana Imtias
Rehana Imtias Prije dan
Susan Dorrance
Susan Dorrance Prije 2 dana
🎃 bluewolfy 🎃
🎃 bluewolfy 🎃 Prije 2 dana
I still luv u jaiden c:
Emmett’s World
Emmett’s World Prije 2 dana
Yup, I have overworked myself. Basically the story is I was working on a math homework thing and I only had finished like, 1 part of it and I pulled an all-nighter, plus it was due Friday and it was Thursday so, um, I definitely waited for the last second. That’s it.
Dan B
Dan B Prije 2 dana
This is me when I play far too much VR
BryTheBlueEye Prije 2 dana
1:38 I don't think I've ever heard this described in a better way, lmfao.
smiley Prije 2 dana
I remember I was rushing to complete this animatic for an assignment and I only had 4 days for an over 1 minute video + other school assignments. I worked endlessly and did all nighters barely eating too. I remember the day before the assignment was due I wasn't even close to finished and accidentally fell asleep. I woke up hours later in a panic because my phone doesn't show an AM or PM next to the time and I saw it was 8/9 and the lights were on while I thought my mom was getting ready for work. I started panicking majorly asking everyone what time it was and rambling to myself struggling to log into my computer to join class and ask for an extension and no one was answering me I kept asking what day it was I felt so overwhelmed and just started crying hard. My mom tried to calm me down and hugged me and told me it was night time and still the same day as when I fell asleep. After I calmed down I started working again :/ now looking back I hate it. I can draw so much better that that dumb animatic but I simplified my art style so much so it'd be easier to repeatedly draw that every image looked somewhat unproportionate or wonky and I hate it. I can't even show off my hard work because I feel embarrassed by it now. It's not something id want to show someone and say "hey this is my art". I hate it now :/
bubble fro
bubble fro Prije 3 dana
Seriously this is so relatable
Naomi Narvaez
Naomi Narvaez Prije 3 dana
Jayden: say you like chocolate Character: I do like chocolate Me be like: bruh who dont like chocolate I'd only be able to think satan himself wouldn't like it
kai Prije 3 dana
Conor Gillingham
Conor Gillingham Prije 3 dana
I love how Jaiden asks Maaz about burnout and totally credits him for his hard work.
Pablo Aguilar
Pablo Aguilar Prije 3 dana
Megh Tandel
Megh Tandel Prije 4 dana
if we get tired this fast what about the warriors protecting the kondhana fort
Acaden1 Prije 4 dana
what do you use to animate ur really good
Rhiannon Kerkel
Rhiannon Kerkel Prije 4 dana
😑Oh, how I wished everyone in "The Tigger Movie" knew about this. They'd all change their minds right away and go bounce with Tigger.
Eemeli Haaranen
Eemeli Haaranen Prije 4 dana
E v e r y d a y
majesty Prije 4 dana
*raises my hand*
Rohan Pingale
Rohan Pingale Prije 4 dana
teacher jaiden yes mam
Jasper Legaspi
Jasper Legaspi Prije 5 dana
Kevin07 Prije 5 dana
Basically just college for me
Skylar McDonald
Skylar McDonald Prije 5 dana
Sherman 790
Sherman 790 Prije 5 dana
Actually that is very true overworking is too bad even I know that overwork is good but i feel like that is too much cause a person needs nutrients and rest yet life just toss towards us
sharkgamerzzzs Prije 5 dana
I raise my hand
Specialist of Everything
Specialist of Everything Prije 5 dana
I am a Farmer!
Pristine RoBoTron
Pristine RoBoTron Prije 5 dana
5:30 that’s why school sucks
혼이 담긴 구라
혼이 담긴 구라 Prije 5 dana
In korea, staying over night means 'good thing' cuz its mostly meant for studying for university. Almost all good korean job require good university. And people think he/she is stupid if they didnt go university.damit i dont wanna study.. I ruined my midterm(im 7th grade.actually middle school 1st in korea) and my mom said ur not playing. now study and read books. I guess i wont be even going to high school i want
Eidovski Prije 6 dana
I also raised my hand but I don't think you can see me
Elisabeth Simone-Freilicher
Elisabeth Simone-Freilicher Prije 6 dana
Thank you for this, Jaiden! My 12 yo sent this to me after I’d been at work 15 hours, then came home and slept 15 hours. (That’s just work-life balance, right?) I immediately shared. this with numerous colleagues. We tremendously enjoy your smart, funny videos (especially your adorable turquoise green cheek!) and often watch them together as a family. ❤️
Zainab Isa
Zainab Isa Prije 6 dana
I always tell myself to work smarter not harder, but I’m watching this after staying till 3 am studying math 🥲
Faster than lightning
Faster than lightning Prije 6 dana
Matt Hyden
Matt Hyden Prije 6 dana
How are you the opposite of a procrastinator wtf.
Black light Sloan
Black light Sloan Prije 6 dana
This is me the whole video
Black light Sloan
Black light Sloan Prije 6 dana
I did for the first 30sec
jean samson
jean samson Prije 6 dana
0:53 You guys sleep?
Arcane gold rank
Arcane gold rank Prije 6 dana
Yes 🙋
The Weirdest One
The Weirdest One Prije 6 dana
Wait… the people that you’re trying to inform are probably to busy working to watch this video
miguel de farias nunes
miguel de farias nunes Prije 7 dana
3:15, well jaiden, I FELL THE EXACT SAME THING
VioletXXXGacha_ Prije 7 dana
Sad fun fact: it's okay can I eat for a few days BUT if you don't sleep in 10 days you will die that is a fact you can look it up I am not joking I am sorry but just please sleep
sigma Chad keegan
sigma Chad keegan Prije 8 dana
I'm just an angry guy all around
Little Bit Fix
Little Bit Fix Prije 8 dana
Me, who procrastinates and spends too much time not working: Aye aye, captain
Sam Johnson
Sam Johnson Prije 8 dana
It's even better with ADHD added on top, because then you will ALWAYS have justification for overworking yourself. You always find "laziness" no matter how much you've accomplished. "I wasn't effective when I was working yesterday, so I need to work twice as long today" and so on
Riley Prije 8 dana
1:10 can we have a moment of silence for Masahiro Sakurai
Monte Tudahl
Monte Tudahl Prije 8 dana
me to for weeks😓
EatSleepDie Prije 8 dana
I hate how every teacher thinks their subject is the most important one
Georgina Prije 8 dana
When my mom brought me tea when I was working my butt off I was trying my best not to get annoyed, and that annoyed me. My mom was so kind that she not only made me tea and spent her money on it, water, roof over my head (sh!t now I feel bad) came to my room and brought tea and when she exited the room she said "I love you" and I literally yeeted my books and pappers, drinked the tea, watched ATLA (Avatar the last airbender) got back to studying and went to sleep at 2:00 AM only to wake up at 4:00 AM and get back to studying, exam was at 8:50 and I got two A's. And the thing I'm most proud of is not myself (well kinda but the real star is someone alse) IT'S MY MOM. She took her time to make me tea ( *cough cough * she is the one who is giving me room to study and roof over it, tea, school, books and the freaking pappers where I was writing my notes) my mom was frickin hero. I love you mom and that was my story
Garfield The Cat
Garfield The Cat Prije 8 dana
7:37 i created best art at 3am and im more proud of it then the 4 (B) i got on my math test today
Qasim Benjami
Qasim Benjami Prije 8 dana
Play music
Giovanni Geno
Giovanni Geno Prije 8 dana
The mundane mirror unfortunately shiver because adjustment ultrascructurally harm apud a burly bookcase. shaky, obnoxious robin
Sandra Ambriozic
Sandra Ambriozic Prije 9 dana
My school doesn’t believe in work life balance or giving student sufficient information to complete a task.
Rex Leyson
Rex Leyson Prije 9 dana
Is this whitty? From fnf?? 1:02
Stanko Barabata
Stanko Barabata Prije 9 dana
0:58 it's really weird how accurately Jaiden describes almost a week of sleeplessness. It actually feels like your body is expanding across space and time and you feel like a melted ice cream. Source - I was on a 2 year amphetamine binge and this is exactly how I felt when I went for 5 days. For anyone who doesn't know, speed basically says NO to any kind of sleep.
Stanko Barabata
Stanko Barabata Prije 5 dana
@Príscila Oh yeah, I've quit that shit years ago. Close to 3 now. I've actually grown a disgust towards it - used to be fun to get high. Now it's just tedious - it interrupts sleep patterns and affects daily life way too much. It's the kind of drug you need to have large swathes of free days to enjoy. I'm sticking to weed over anything else, even Alcohol. Probably the most chill substance out there. It ain't perfectly healthy, but I find it better than the alternatives, and I'm not straight edge enough to live life scompletely sober lol.
Príscila Prije 6 dana
I hope you're doing and feeling better now!
Riako Prije 9 dana
1:42 Oddly enough I'm getting some Tomska vibes from this little bit! :o
sulei Prije 9 dana
jaiden: who ever wanted to die from fisical and mentel pain everyone:meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Math Ematik
Math Ematik Prije 9 dana
Me who's too lazy to overwork myself :
Honey artist
Honey artist Prije 9 dana
i refused to give myself food or water until i finished school work for the week. :} But i never think i deserve self-care.
Kristine Allen Gantangco
Kristine Allen Gantangco Prije 9 dana
Me:👋 Jaiden : :3 Everyone: 👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋 Jaiden: 😅
Ethan and Chase Youtubers
Ethan and Chase Youtubers Prije 10 dana
itsbakerthetaker Prije 10 dana
then what do u do and u only have online friends
Tooktook Prije 10 dana
Yeah My brother also got so much pressure in the studies
3 brothers play
3 brothers play Prije 10 dana
5:49 yes it has already hapend to me :(
bog da frog
bog da frog Prije 10 dana
No Jaiden, you enjoy yourself. ❤️
Zex3948 Prije 10 dana
MEEEEEEEEEEE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But am am a 3rd grade
aymaankhuraishi Prije 10 dana
Am I the only one here who feels guilty because I'm not working then I don't actually work so I become super stressed about that?
Billur Gündüz
Billur Gündüz Prije 10 dana
Yes you are so smart person in the world
/ Remington /
/ Remington / Prije 11 dana
Good therapists exist?? No way
CloudDraws Prije 11 dana
My gravestone will have a Garfield comic on it
AmotoTaboshi Prije 11 dana
I had no idea that stress and overworking yourself could lead to something like a "brain reset" where your body just straight up stops working until it happened to me. I got so stressed out that my legs stopped working right and now I have to get around with a walker. I'm 23.
hank sturgill
hank sturgill Prije 11 dana
I'm 26 I've been experiencing burnout since i was 14 needless to say im completely dead inside i am a machine now beep boop.
Jonathan R
Jonathan R Prije 11 dana
I feel all of these things.
Gavin Ortega
Gavin Ortega Prije 11 dana
the descriptions are gold.
mrigank sutariya
mrigank sutariya Prije 11 dana
If you are sad don’t be sad
Giratena Prije 11 dana
Did anyone noticed that the friend at the beginning is running in place but there kicking right behind them self like your actually running and moving see for yourself 0:21 Prije 11 dana
I feel like pooP. Becausee……… Im sick, like actyally sick, i think i have RS virus or done frikin avfull b!sh virus colld thing. So… that sucks T-T
My wild cat :3
My wild cat :3 Prije 12 dana
I have accidentally burnt myself out but it was because I had to make a diorama for my art on collage
Dandelion Prije 12 dana
Me, doing work while listening to this: you can't tell me what to do Jaiden
jude zavala
jude zavala Prije 12 dana
*aggressively relaxes*
R3D WOLF Prije 12 dana
R.I.p my life
R3D WOLF Prije 12 dana
I feel lonley
Apama and palls
Apama and palls Prije 12 dana
The first 12 seconds. Me: yah, it’s caked school 7th grade and up
BrekFustMaster4047 Prije 12 dana
0:59 they went full darkiplier
Amelie ONeill
Amelie ONeill Prije 12 dana
I do like chocolate I am a farmer I am a lumberjack I thought you were a farmer? No one asked you.😂😂😂
Michael Reid
Michael Reid Prije 12 dana
My uncle is the definition of burn out. He gets 2 hours of sleep goes to work at 2:00 AM and works until 10PM and works on saturdays.
N e e N i x
N e e N i x Prije 13 dana
Dolly Mae
Dolly Mae Prije 13 dana
i love this ! i wanna use this for my lesson ♥️ thank you jaiden 🎶♥️
Sollew Prije 13 dana
Gabriel Esparza
Gabriel Esparza Prije 13 dana
*puts up hand*
Poopalachas Prije 13 dana
2:15 i feel all three sadly
Carey Barber
Carey Barber Prije 13 dana
Me in summer: just enjoying myself Me during school: 0:57
Foggy Hollow
Foggy Hollow Prije 13 dana
Me: raises hand*
Brisa Prije 13 dana
1:44 *cat hissing*...Dude! That only frame just describes me perfectly on finals week!
Ruby Prije 13 dana
CreativJoey Prije 13 dana
I watched this when I was 7
coco_puffyz Prije 13 dana
if I grow up am I danna be you too
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