Animal Crossing used to be so much darker...

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i need therapy now because of a pig

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And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D go hit your neighbor with a net

Danielle Nunez
Danielle Nunez Prije 7 sekundi
Ya know, I understand that! I feel the same way!
Amy Parrish
Amy Parrish Prije 30 minuta
i am playing new horizons
D & N Marcok
D & N Marcok Prije 8 sati
4:31 were vesta is just singing in the back round lol
Roy Rodriguez
Roy Rodriguez Prije 8 sati
She’s so cute n funny 🥰
The Dark Gamer
The Dark Gamer Prije 13 sati
2:40 is the time of the video when the E P I C gaming starts
Pufferfish2206 Prije 14 sati
Jaiden what are your thoughts on the new 2.0 update?
Prossana Family
Prossana Family Prije 20 sati
Jaiden you should make a video of your reaction to the new update 😊
arav the mastermind
arav the mastermind Prije dan
Please make a pixelmon video
arav the mastermind
arav the mastermind Prije dan
Please make a pixelmon video
arav the mastermind
arav the mastermind Prije dan
Please make a pixelmon video
arav the mastermind
arav the mastermind Prije dan
Please make a pixelmon video
arav the mastermind
arav the mastermind Prije dan
Please make a pixelmon video
arav the mastermind
arav the mastermind Prije dan
Please make a pixelmon video
arav the mastermind
arav the mastermind Prije dan
Please make a pixelmon video
arav the mastermind
arav the mastermind Prije dan
Please make a pixelmon video
arav the mastermind
arav the mastermind Prije dan
Please make a pixelmon video
arav the mastermind
arav the mastermind Prije dan
Please make a pixelmon video
Tsukabu's Artsy Things
Tsukabu's Artsy Things Prije dan
So Jaiden, 2.0 is coming soon.
Shina Morgan
Shina Morgan Prije dan
Don’t worry we are your friends just comment friends
Shalashaska Prije dan
Now that New Horizon is doing paid DLC, I would make the case for a DLC to add in the meaner characters from games past. And new ones. They could call it "Bastion of Bullies" and anyone who doesn't want some meanness in their game doesn't have to pay for it.
lols_@_night Prije dan
We should collectively give feedback on any survey, questionaire, review, poll, etc they might see to request the rude ass neighbors and spicy dialogue. Seriously it have AC some soul. Make that the next big update!
Adrienne Lopez
Adrienne Lopez Prije dan
I was never bored on the first game because I would just switch the days on the gamecube so I wouldn't have to wait in real time 😂
Patty Perez
Patty Perez Prije dan
And can you do it when it's James's birthday
Patty Perez
Patty Perez Prije dan
Jayden in Waterview videos can can you do a face review of it's revealed of your brother
Shrimpter Prije dan
There’s something warming about the villagers snarky attitude
Shrimpter Prije dan
News flash two years after release date! They sucked the garbage out of the game and replaced it with stretching exercises
Hilla Pihlaja Mäkelä
Hilla Pihlaja Mäkelä Prije dan
Do you know splatoon??
Just Your Average YouTube Viewer
Just Your Average YouTube Viewer Prije dan
The new update gave us almost everything we wanted and I’m sure it will bring back people who stoped playing.
Bi saba
Bi saba Prije dan
i miss Resetti scolding me for 10 min making me feel like a piece of shiet and ripping my life apart for not saving the game (´;ω;`) good times
AnimeAddictGirl Prije 2 dana
“The bunny game” i love it, it should become a horror movie
Chelsea Hughes
Chelsea Hughes Prije 2 dana
Jaiden I have a spare space shuttle
Patrick martin
Patrick martin Prije 2 dana
I wonder how the the original version on the N64 never released outside of Japan is?
Abhi Prasad
Abhi Prasad Prije 2 dana
“Sometimes I like to sit” Lol
Janelle Henry
Janelle Henry Prije 2 dana
i hate tomnook
Janelle Henry
Janelle Henry Prije 2 dana
lol jaiden
Steve Cotterill
Steve Cotterill Prije 3 dana
Is Mr Resetti still in Animal Crossing, popping up if you try to reset your game?
ThatCringeOne Prije 3 dana
1:16 2005: Bunny Game 2021: Squid Game yea i have no better idea for a comment lol
Pokemon Fnaf
Pokemon Fnaf Prije 3 dana
I wish they were like this!
Super egg
Super egg Prije 3 dana
I named my island (cereal) what do you think?
Remi Chan
Remi Chan Prije 3 dana
THIS WASNT A YEAR AGO WAS IT god time is going by too fast Legit I’m scared now
That guy yt
That guy yt Prije 3 dana
Should we tell her No I’m not gonna tell her Nobody tell her about ankha
Pinkypie Lilly
Pinkypie Lilly Prije 3 dana
Oh just you wait Jaiden for 2021 5 November! A new HUGE animal crossing update is coming to new horizons!
Bea Dalbs
Bea Dalbs Prije 3 dana
I grew up with the OG Animal Crossing and tbh, I wildly miss how brutal it was. I'd give anything for a more adult mode in New Horizons for the villagers to be assholes again.
Quinne Tran
Quinne Tran Prije 4 dana
fun fact: My mom's bday rly is on September 27th
Cjm2007 Prije 4 dana
Actually Animal crossing technically started on the N64 but only in Japan.
Kana OwO
Kana OwO Prije 4 dana
Try splatoon
чувак-ликвидатор Prije 4 dana
I love the avatar reference
Itzmeaddy Prije 4 dana
Are you still friends with kate?
Where is ankha zone
Mr.Fredy_Toons🔞 Prije 5 dana
I love animal crossing UvU
Nikoi Jarrett
Nikoi Jarrett Prije 5 dana
Animal crossing 2.0
infernal 216
infernal 216 Prije 5 dana
You should update with the New adfons
Boon Phee
Boon Phee Prije 5 dana
They are doing a 2.0 update with loads of new content
Gema Pebry
Gema Pebry Prije 5 dana
The cat dancing
Ankha zone
Guilherme Roque Rewies
Guilherme Roque Rewies Prije 5 dana
my top 10 favorite animal crossing villagers 10 ankha 9 zucker 8 kid cat 7 coco 6 octavian 5 punchy 4 blathers 3 digby 2 rover 1 isabelle
Liq Prije 5 dana
andrewcrossing Prije 5 dana
If my mom didnt buy it *then it didnt exsist*
Ana Maria Fernandes de Jesus
Ana Maria Fernandes de Jesus Prije 6 dana
BlushingCamellia Prije 6 dana
Anyone else here after the Animal Crossing direct, announcing 2.0 and the DLC?
Liq Prije 5 dana
Arron Wilson
Arron Wilson Prije 6 dana
"and let them shape the earth and sea" LMFAO THAT ONE KILLED ME
GrilledCheeseConsumingMachine Prije 6 dana
To be honest, I want to get harassed in animal crossing. I want to be enemies with a virtual animal lol.
R a u l
R a u l Prije 6 dana
What does mmpth means?
GummyWormz Prije 6 dana
Thimo Paulussen
Thimo Paulussen Prije 6 dana
Animal crossing for the Gamecube will always have a special place in my heart
Rocco Englese
Rocco Englese Prije 6 dana
my names rocco hmmmm
Fallout Boy
Fallout Boy Prije 6 dana
and my dad said new horizons sucked
Andres Valencia
Andres Valencia Prije 6 dana
I have that game
Leonardo Galvan
Leonardo Galvan Prije 6 dana
ready for the new video related to animal crossing and the big new update
heavygrape Prije 7 dana
Yo the cat danced
Brandon Taylor
Brandon Taylor Prije 7 dana
"If my mom didn't buy it for me, then it didn't exist." I'm pretty sure we all had that mindset
Amity Blight
Amity Blight Prije 7 dana
*camel by camel intensifies*
Pie Eye Frank
Pie Eye Frank Prije 6 dana
@Amity Blight spy: this is ankha zone! Solider: dear god. Spy: there’s more. Solider:Nooo!
Amity Blight
Amity Blight Prije 7 dana
@Pie Eye Frank *camel by camel intensifies more*
Pie Eye Frank
Pie Eye Frank Prije 7 dana
PuffyFoxx Prije 7 dana
*Keeping it sane* is not the word I would use with the roost update.
UnderverseTeam 77.1
UnderverseTeam 77.1 Prije 7 dana
I actually like sega, but when I gave a try to animal crossing..... *I didn’t regret anything*
Stacethewolffox Prije 8 dana
Dr. Pepper
Dr. Pepper Prije 8 dana
1:04 "We made this game where we would show up at someone's town, dig a bunch of holes in the shape of a maze and one of us would chase the other with a bunny hat, a gas mask, and an axe. We called it the bunny game" A FNAF Security Breach tease and a Squid Game reference ?
Rinna Prije 8 dana
I can’t believe this video is already a year old, these past few years have gone by so fast :/
Mixed Prije 8 dana
You can buy it on the phone or tablet
Quinn Kerry-Rockov
Quinn Kerry-Rockov Prije 8 dana
Octavian is the closest I can find to the OG animal crossing villagers.
Nene Bonsato
Nene Bonsato Prije 8 dana
Amazon: sir here's your package Customer:you are late i can just wait for stupid package when it's latewhat kind of delivery man are you you're just a useless do you what do you always say beggars can't be choosers Amazon: *SMASHES IS PACKAGE* Moral: never mess a delivery man even when their late
Amelie ONeill
Amelie ONeill Prije 8 dana
I love animal crossing.😂😂😂 Pasta with no sauce.😂😂😂
Chicken studios / Chicken water productions YT
Chicken studios / Chicken water productions YT Prije 8 dana
the funny part is I actually have a cold
Abhijnan Jithendra
Abhijnan Jithendra Prije 9 dana
I have played all pokemon games till gen 6 and animal crossing
Đào Thư
Đào Thư Prije 9 dana
hey Jaden me and you are pretty similar I mean I have brown dark hair you have brown dark hair you have anxiety I have anxiety You have a brother I had a little sister
Duong Xuan Muc
Duong Xuan Muc Prije 9 dana
: I
Nitin Saxena
Nitin Saxena Prije 9 dana
AWESOME VIDEO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
•Sleepy Fawnz•
•Sleepy Fawnz• Prije 9 dana
This was made on my dads birthday :0
sina Prije 9 dana
Animal crossing moment
Molly Alwardt
Molly Alwardt Prije 9 dana
At 4:53 of the vid its a avatar reference
Multifandom Firecube
Multifandom Firecube Prije 9 dana
Yeah the Wild World villager interactions have so much more flavor. Also they're meaner. Like I once bought a cactus from Apollo(eagle dude) because I wanted to be friends with him, but when I looked up the price he scammed me for like 500 bells and I was so hurt
marco abraham
marco abraham Prije 9 dana
your videos bring so much joy to me. I relate to them so much and I really wish to play videogames with you one day :) and hope you visit canada again soon :)
Randi Edington
Randi Edington Prije 9 dana
My arch nemesis on the original GameCube version was Portia the dalmatian, I hated her snooty attitude and would always surround her house with pitfalls and smack her with a net on the way by. The flip side is that Pierce the eagle was my favorite, loved his "you're my bro" attitude and I also always liked Chevre the little goat cause she was sweet and friendly to me a lot.
Luqman Raja
Luqman Raja Prije 9 dana
U such g as a person
JikoCora Prije 9 dana
The unhealthy loan relatively prepare because vision july grab between a flippant imprisonment. innate, crooked calculus
Random Person
Random Person Prije 10 dana
Someone should make a movie or an animation about the bunny game Or a game
Callmehframed Prije 10 dana
Jaiden: sad Me: just like my life
Celine Wang
Celine Wang Prije 10 dana
loot pad67
loot pad67 Prije 10 dana
*a year ago*
Irfan Shah
Irfan Shah Prije 10 dana
i never got a single console
snorkleycake Prije 10 dana
Who else is here after ankha
Kat Slorstad
Kat Slorstad Prije 10 dana
ha ha
yoshi Prije 10 dana
The cuttest thing is that we heard ari screaming
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