My Time at "Camp Operetta"

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Jaiden Animations

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What can I say other than that was one heck of a time

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And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D May your Raoole be safe and his foot fully attached forever

Jaiden Animations
Jaiden Animations Prije 2 godina
Quick sidenote, the art credited as @amanda2k01 at the end was used by a handmade art tool by @SangledHere. If you like the art style of the drawing you should definitely check her stuff out :)
Hat Prije 5 dana
Yup! She also has that as a picrew! (Maybe art tool is another synonym for it idk-)
[  tsuyu asui  ]
[ tsuyu asui ] Prije 8 dana
"Make him say the f word"
Garrison Fuller
Garrison Fuller Prije 18 dana
how is Raoole now ?
grace Prije 20 dana
Threaller 66
Threaller 66 Prije 23 dana
Mario Saracay
Mario Saracay Prije 3 sati
I’m 9 and I love traveling
Emelie-Claire MacKenzie
Emelie-Claire MacKenzie Prije 13 sati
Lookup tête à claque and u will now wat raoole is in Quebec
Lightning Bolt
Lightning Bolt Prije 18 sati
Sorrel Adams
Sorrel Adams Prije 22 sati
I'm so glad I'm not the only one who hates Rainbow Fish. As a primary school librarian, I have to stop myself from going on a huge rant every time someone checks it out.
jake Prije dan
Make him say the s word
jake Prije dan
I'm the real cheetah
jake Prije dan
I'm the real cheetah
Oleander Kazzy
Oleander Kazzy Prije dan
Just realized there's so many instances where Jaiden's life could head for a different direction
Audrey Lyons
Audrey Lyons Prije dan
I love how she said she was a book worm and a few moments later says she hates books
Eclectic Renegade
Eclectic Renegade Prije dan
Wait I remember that fish book
Cheryl Svetlana
Cheryl Svetlana Prije 2 dana
Same 😫
Imperial Scout Productions
Imperial Scout Productions Prije 2 dana
1:16 I feel stupid for just realizing the Nirvana reference
Littlewhitewolf Prije 3 dana
I luv cheetas
MatthewProductions Prije 3 dana
Nice video really good one
SylvieAnimates7 Prije 3 dana
Oops boomwhackers
SylvieAnimates7 Prije 3 dana
The colored tubes are called boondocks
♧the orange cat♧
♧the orange cat♧ Prije 3 dana
Gage House
Gage House Prije 4 dana
My teacher read the rainbow fish to me in kindergarten my favorite book to be honest
klancy kennedy
klancy kennedy Prije 4 dana
Your channel is entertaining. Sharing with my friends. Nailed it!
Ana Cavallini
Ana Cavallini Prije 4 dana
How old are you 19
Ana Cavallini
Ana Cavallini Prije 4 dana
I think she 50
Csaba Valyi
Csaba Valyi Prije 5 dana
The tubes are called boom wackers
Nora Laboy
Nora Laboy Prije 5 dana
Hey jaiden I red the rainbow fish in school and it was really good and my name is jaiden too but it’s like jeiden
Youssef tadrous
Youssef tadrous Prije 5 dana
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Dua Ahmed
Dua Ahmed Prije 6 dana
If you stop at 1:03 then you can see Fluttershy's name on the cast
LXS 311
LXS 311 Prije 6 dana
I'm pretty sure the color tubes are boomwakers
Johnny Ruiz
Johnny Ruiz Prije 6 dana
I like when she said “what the Frick you barbarian”
Julia Lee
Julia Lee Prije 6 dana
YOU ARE UGLY HAHAHAHAHAAAA~ (the best song ever)
SareBear and SoreBore
SareBear and SoreBore Prije 6 dana
did you say "I do drugs behind screens"?
marie kim
marie kim Prije 6 dana
Chris Custer
Chris Custer Prije 6 dana
raoole sounds like the pooky beanie baby i got in 2004, and i respect that
frederickthesquirrel Prije 7 dana
Tree played by Fluttershy, hah
James Verner
James Verner Prije 7 dana
When Jaiden sat at the piano audition. I think it would have been hilarious 😂 if she played a "sound bite" of a complex piano song. Real meme moment. Like megaloveania or golden wind. Just for the laughs.
Dr. Decent
Dr. Decent Prije 7 dana
the plastic tubes are called boomwhackers btw
reimu Prije 7 dana
same thing here lmao i was once a 'character' that had a line at the end, i forgot it for 5 secs then said it ( i felt so embarrassed lol )
TSI Prije 8 dana
make him say the n-wors
EFG insan im a big boy
EFG insan im a big boy Prije 8 dana
Shiny rayquaza
Shiny rayquaza Prije 8 dana
4:55 Ah yes,a mouse
Bean Boy
Bean Boy Prije 8 dana
ob glob yigy
ob glob yigy Prije 8 dana
the stuffed rat is the main character
Christie Swarthout
Christie Swarthout Prije 8 dana
I love. Your videos
Rebekka Gould
Rebekka Gould Prije 8 dana
The first play is called jungle drums
[  tsuyu asui  ]
[ tsuyu asui ] Prije 8 dana
Raoole. The myth The man The legend But he's really cue
Mrbeatlejuice Prije 8 dana
My name is Raoole but it is spelled differently
marqueplays Prije 9 dana
Clarance the Pomeranian
Clarance the Pomeranian Prije 9 dana
Bruh the little mermaid is like my 3 favourite movies!!!!
Kreemsandwich Prije 9 dana
Thiago Teles
Thiago Teles Prije 9 dana
Jaiden's father looks like a teenager
Amelie ONeill
Amelie ONeill Prije 9 dana
Just make them all say the f word.🤣🤣🤣
#gacha channel vidz #piggy
#gacha channel vidz #piggy Prije 10 dana
Teacher: so what should the tigaer say Kid: make him say the f word Me: family insert dom Toretto music
CloudDraws Prije 10 dana
If Jaiden has a movie. Can we have a character that says the f word?
sandyisconfuised Prije 11 dana
i love sharing the clown role with pennywise 🤪
dominic mestas
dominic mestas Prije 11 dana
Random Kid: Make him say the f word Me: Classic
Ethan Tong
Ethan Tong Prije 11 dana
Amber’s Animations
Amber’s Animations Prije 11 dana
I just noticed beneath jaiden name of landing the role cheeta it has Aragog !!!!???!!!!!! I'm a letterhead like gahhhhhhhhhhhhh
Ashite Prije 11 dana
Cheetah are not in the jungle.....
Dragon_Cheez Prije 12 dana
Those “color tubes” are called boom whackers.
GargoyleDestroyer Prije 12 dana
Pasta animation
Pasta animation Prije 13 dana
lol the piano part I would have played meglavania
Youren Chen
Youren Chen Prije 13 dana
CJ7 Prije 13 dana
4:54 doin good
ARIA boo
ARIA boo Prije 13 dana
I remember once i was at a sleepover when i was seven and i brought my favorite stuffed animal (kayla) with me and we disided to play hide and seek with my kayla (i don't know why) my friend hided with kayla and when i found her we realised that kayla lost her nose (she's a dog) we literaly search the hole house for it and to this day we never found the missing nose ☺ good times
Miguel Lopez
Miguel Lopez Prije 13 dana
I'm a theater kid
Raul Jimenez
Raul Jimenez Prije 13 dana
Was that his name supposed to be like this Raul
dierksdog Prije 13 dana
“I only got to raise one hand I feel like that was one of my biggest failures in life”
ɨ لƲᣵߙ ѦŊФɱລ𝚕ყ ɨ
ɨ لƲᣵߙ ѦŊФɱລ𝚕ყ ɨ Prije 14 dana
Teddy spiderman ok
Teddy spiderman ok Prije 14 dana
Harvey Calosing
Harvey Calosing Prije 14 dana
At some point I just pretended to read some books
Fandom Trash
Fandom Trash Prije 14 dana
The rainbow fish was actually about how this fish wouldn't shut up about how awsomw he was and the other fish didnt want to be his friends cause he was such a jerk.
Danilo danilinho
Danilo danilinho Prije 14 dana
How do you do these animations and with which thing (I dont know their names) that you use for these animations?
QueenBee Prije 14 dana
Jaiden book worm I am also Jaiden I bought a mouse because I don’t like reading
juliana morales
juliana morales Prije 14 dana
as soon raoole or whatever you said I thought that you knew my brother Raul
SpookyAnimates Prije 15 dana
Jesse Pierrecin
Jesse Pierrecin Prije 15 dana
Make animation about ratatouille.
Nachan Prije 16 dana
Jaiden when she rp as the sea horse she looks like a leader to me
VibeMaster Prije 16 dana
How is Raoole doing today? just wondering, probably not going to get an answer but just askin
Collin Cleveland
Collin Cleveland Prije 17 dana
Aljameer Masukat
Aljameer Masukat Prije 17 dana
IsabelleTheStoop Prije 17 dana
Jaiden: I don't being #1 Also Jaiden: 6:37
amig host
amig host Prije 17 dana
The deranged fiber behaviorally amuse because deborah plausibly rescue since a dusty blade. fortunate, inquisitive address
asahiberry Prije 17 dana
" Cheetah #2." LMFAO
ZillaVilla90 Prije 17 dana
Rallwol, Rollrol, How Do you say the stuffed animal mouse name?
🎵it’s hybrid girl🎵
🎵it’s hybrid girl🎵 Prije 17 dana
I'm friends with spiders😁
Sheena Danao
Sheena Danao Prije 18 dana
All of my pets died
Ray Smith
Ray Smith Prije 18 dana
Raoole! NO! 😭
sunday Prije 18 dana
Hahahaha you are ugly I did this play at school and that line made me almost cry
Pro Youtuber
Pro Youtuber Prije 18 dana
I love cheetahs
ChaoswarriorX Prije 18 dana
Listened to Pachabell’s canon during this video. It’s a beautiful song
Dracoscale Flamefang
Dracoscale Flamefang Prije 18 dana
Rewatching this made me realize that it kinda sounds like the people who set this up were just genuinely passionate about getting kids excited about theater, and that just makes me happy cause that doesn't happen often (at least around where I live)
JJTheMidzyOnce Prije 18 dana
Tree: Fluttershy Wall: Wall
Awesome Turtle20
Awesome Turtle20 Prije 18 dana
your story about raoole reminds me about the time my brothers took my stuffed turtle and played keep away... then ripped her head off.
lonelyPorterCH Prije 18 dana
lol, i actually know that rainbowfish book, funny it made it into europe^^
Lavínia Sousa
Lavínia Sousa Prije 18 dana
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Corrupted LoL
Corrupted LoL Prije 18 dana
BRO rainbow fish was my fav book when I little
XxM&M 4 days #roadto45
XxM&M 4 days #roadto45 Prije 19 dana
Great video, I love it 😍 Keep up the work!!!
Katana Prije 19 dana
POV: You just look up Camp operetta
PARASPRITE Prije 19 dana
I feel… monster high operetta…
CrimsonCoco•クリムソンココ Prije 19 dana
Wait, so The Rainbow Fish WASN’T a fever dream?
Kimachi Brawl stars
Kimachi Brawl stars Prije 19 dana
the funny thing was that the kid said to make the tiger say the f word
Prince Tabuzo
Prince Tabuzo Prije 20 dana
"Ha ha ha ha ha ha You are ugly"
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