I Hate Reading

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does this make me dumb :(

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Blake Thornton
Blake Thornton Prije sat
Love the Final Fantasy 7 playground slide Easter egg at 3:26.
AC Harrison-Darien
AC Harrison-Darien Prije 7 sati
i decided to do jaidens suggesyion watch all her videos on loop
my unicorn hamster
my unicorn hamster Prije 8 sati
MeTVee Prije 23 sati
I remember I had reading assignments and I had to read a Magic Treehouse book and I said "Pssshhh I can read this thing in 30 minutes-" It took me 2 hours but I read the whole freaking book
MeTVee Prije dan
I love reading so much but it sucks when I'm halfway through a book and it's soo boring or bad but I have the need to finish the book. Then my time is wasted
Camden Love
Camden Love Prije dan
What about podcasts
arav the mastermind
arav the mastermind Prije dan
Please make pixelmon videos
joaquin fajardo
joaquin fajardo Prije dan
Mez Prije dan
For those not wanting to read/ struggling to find a good one, here are my favourites: - Maze Runner (Post apocalyptic, a little like hunger games) - One of us is Lying (and sequels) - Scythe, Thunderhead, Toll (Futuristic) - The Silver Brumby (For animal/horse lovers) - Harry Potter of course - Day of the triffids (Post apocalyptic) - Anything James Herriot (Also for animal lovers) - House of secrets (Trilogy, magic dark adventure time travel thing) - Anything Michael Morpurgo (Favs are Kensuke's kingdom, War Horse and Running Wild) - The Hobbit Tell me if you read them or comment your own recommendations!
Briseis Kuehnle
Briseis Kuehnle Prije dan
Graphic novels are my favorite type of book it's all pictures and it's a COMIC BOOL
_MOON_ Prije dan
Dairy Of A Wimpy Kid = Fun!
Artamis Bot
Artamis Bot Prije dan
She should read _Guardians of Ga'hoole_ it's from the perspective of owls... It has Birbs...
Artamis Bot
Artamis Bot Prije dan
Funny how the bird lady has a cat allergy... coincidences!!
mémé łíf3
mémé łíf3 Prije dan
Juliet = Lesbian??
Markus Baute
Markus Baute Prije dan
I love reading. Bookworm describes it well. I just roll in a corner and read tolkiens books over and over again.
IndyMode Prije dan
So I don’t force my kids to read books but they have non electronic time (no tv or video games ) at certain times of the day and they can choose to play outside, play with their toys or read. My oldest daughter reads sometimes but it isn’t forced, a lot of times she will just go jump on the trampoline or ride her bike which is also good for her! I also bought her all my favorite childhood books and other recommended books for kids... I will catch her up late in her room reading and it makes my heart happy! But I never force her to do it. It should be enjoyable. Even as an adult if I pick up a book even a classic and it’s so boring I hate it, I won’t finish it. (Although some classics I love, just depends)
_Leaf- Prije 2 dana
i once read a book and loved it. later, the school gave us said book as an assignment. for some odd reason, i no longer liked the book. school sucks
s h e k i r a
s h e k i r a Prije 2 dana
When your 14 and can’t read properly
Akihame Prije 2 dana
Jaiden:I hAte READING
Akihame Prije 2 dana
No one ever:
Akihame Prije 2 dana
No one:
Akihame Prije 2 dana
I read Anne frank
Gamer21 joel a ellie a lucas kaka v420
Gamer21 joel a ellie a lucas kaka v420 Prije 2 dana
I hate read i want burn in hell
Robert Gonzalez
Robert Gonzalez Prije 3 dana
Jaiden:reading is boring Jeff Kinney,mo willams,Dr seuse:are you shur about that
Dr. Doggo
Dr. Doggo Prije 3 dana
I saw the “pig Latin” episode too and had nightmares of talking pigs :(
Frisk The Hedgehog
Frisk The Hedgehog Prije 3 dana
I still recommend the book "ready player one" and "ready player two".
Sharkygames9999 Prije 3 dana
school teaches you to read also schools when they make you hate reading me: this is useless
Vejsel Koleci
Vejsel Koleci Prije 3 dana
In middle school the one book series I loved was goosebumps. So if there was a report about 95 percent of my book reports were them. Made sure no one else chose the same book. And my school would assign a book. But we were able to choose a different book. Mine was always the same series. Thank God they made a lot of them. Passed literature class with at least an A- lowest was a B. I’m happy we were able to choose. Enjoyed all of them. Even watched the show. I know there’s a mature series of the books. And a remake of the show but aimed more for teens and adults.
:) Smiles
:) Smiles Prije 3 dana
Samira Naser
Samira Naser Prije 3 dana
I like to read the books in school, it introduces me to genres I never thought I would like. For example, I always thought I hated science fiction (except The Hunger Games) especially because of sci-fi movies which make me feel weird and are scary but when we started reading sci-fi in class, it became my favourite genre.
Fallout Boy
Fallout Boy Prije 3 dana
if you like to listen to yt in the background then you should listen to scrubs or scrubby(same person) he does story times and he is funny while telling the stories
Fallout Boy
Fallout Boy Prije 3 dana
i used to like reading. Up until algebra 1 and had it integrated into math and made me take tests on it.
Lilly Elrick
Lilly Elrick Prije 4 dana
Kid: (likes reading because they choose stuff they'll enjoy) Schools: You have to read something old, irrelevant, and probably uninteresting to you. Also schools: Why don't kids like reading anymore?
The Marmot
The Marmot Prije 4 dana
listen i read harry potter 1 in 1 day a 330 page book in 3rd grade
coldstatic Prije 4 dana
I like reading. I don't like books.
jue224 Prije 4 dana
Me : read 300+ch manga in 1day Also me : can not read an 11 page note that my teacher gave me I read it I don't remember a single thing and she quized us on that TvT safe to say that I barely passed
Claire Savage
Claire Savage Prije 4 dana
You should read the mandalorian guide book
akapesic Prije 4 dana
Dude 300 pages is like more than most normal books overall. Can't understand how you did that in 5th grade.
Spooki TDM
Spooki TDM Prije 4 dana
Spooki TDM
Spooki TDM Prije 4 dana
I have a cat allergy, and we own 7 cats
krupniq Prije 4 dana
for me diary of wimpy kid the most
Makayla A Colby
Makayla A Colby Prije 4 dana
School litterally ruined reading for me. I DON'T NEED TO FIND PROOF KEK IS OBSERVANT HE JUST IS!! I still love reading books but I still don't like being forced to read certain books.
SpritePop #2
SpritePop #2 Prije 4 dana
Do you support LGBTQ?
Gloom Prije 4 dana
Weird fact: i dont usually like reading but ive recently found a hobby in story writing, pretty crazy
KawaiimarshmallowkittenAJ Prije 4 dana
Honestly, I'm not the biggest fan of reading either. It isn't necesarily that I dislike reading, it's just that I'm pretty picky about what I read. The only books that I genuinely enjoy reading are middle-grade books 99% of the time. Currently, I can only think of one book that I genuinely enjoyed that was considered a young adult book. Also, certain themes can actually ruin an entire book for me and make me hate it if those themes appear too much. This is one of the reasons as to why I normally dislike young adult books. I recently had to read a book of my choice for a project at school, and because I'm in highschool, I had to choose a young adult book. Unfortunately, the book's story was kind of disappointing compared to what I was expecting. I was hoping it would be more like a horror book, but unfortunately, it was way more sad and emotional than scary. Also, a theme kept popping up that made me uncomfortable. Having to do annotations and a project on the book made me hate it even more. I feel like if I hadn't had to use the book for school work, I might have enjoyed it a little more than I did. I wouldn't say I hated the book. It just wasn't as satisfying as I was hoping. I hate being forced to read, and I especially hate having to read young adult books. Also, I prefer audiobooks/narrations over reading. Sometimes, narrations helps me like stories a bit more.
ThunderLK Playz
ThunderLK Playz Prije 4 dana
I am 95 percent jaiden
Bella Haidi
Bella Haidi Prije 5 dana
Jaiden : English sucks Me : *Being an English nerd*
High Black Metal Society
High Black Metal Society Prije 5 dana
i dropped out of freshman year never finished a year of high school and since then ive been teaching myself and im enjoying it so much sure i will get no grades or anything but im learning ive taught myself cursive alot of history and taught myself math and i read hours every day know that i have all this free time
Enderger Prije 5 dana
School defiles books by forcing pupils to use them as yak shaving practice.
Snow Chen
Snow Chen Prije 5 dana
I loved reading at first grade but then when school hit me hard with homework and uninteresting reading,it really struck my opinion of it.
Baby_mint Prije 5 dana
I still love reading
valerie wabi smith
valerie wabi smith Prije 5 dana
Read miss maples best thriller and mysterious book ever great for display miss maples is a murderer tale about murderers and other stuff sorry i just don't wanna spoil 乁 ˘ o ˘ ㄏ
AB_XI Prije 5 dana
I hate reading too
ginger snaps
ginger snaps Prije 5 dana
I like reading I will read if you don't tell me to but if you tell me to like bro... I'M NOT GOING TO READ IF YOU TELL ME TO
55 I Pyro个
55 I Pyro个 Prije 6 dana
Yes It’s too true I hate reading
Kirgo Prije 6 dana
So nice of her brother to write the wall of text.
Lily Sbano
Lily Sbano Prije 6 dana
Once again you brought back my childhood. I used to read geronimo Stilton all the time when I was little. It was my favorite series. Rn my favorite is wings of fire, and I know u ain't gonna read it, but I must say its amazing. They might make it into a Netflix series soon as well if your interesred
TurokRevolution Prije 6 dana
I actually quite like reading now that I think about it. But only if it's something I care about, like something based on a game, movie or show. I like reading stories that get released chapter by chapter even more than if it would be released complete. I have difficulties starting a book as I feel like I'm forced to read it as fast as possible because I don't want to start a new book before I finished the last one. It's the same for shows too, that's why I don't watch a lot of them. Ironically, that's not the case for games, I don't know why. As for music or other stuff in the background: I'd rather just have silence or something fitting. For example, I was reading the Crysis books (from the Crysis games) and had the soundtracks of the games in the background to get in the right mood. But I'm really bad at doing two things at once, music is alright but HRpost or Twitch just distracts me as I would give them more attention than what I should actually focus on. Most of the time I hate having things in the background just for the sake of it.
AnimalBuddies Eli
AnimalBuddies Eli Prije 6 dana
Shane Waid
Shane Waid Prije 6 dana
How did reading go from:"John ate lunch" To:"John ate a sandwich for breakfast,brushed his teeth and then he ate a burger for lunch as he went outside and noticed he lived on a patch of land surrounded by a border,this was a serious deal.He wanted to live on a big piece of land,so he moved to the U.S."
CRAFTY CLAWS Prije 6 dana
I like reading cat warriors and wings of fire. But other books no I only really like comics and graffic novels
Cameron Fart
Cameron Fart Prije 6 dana
Eragon is a good book you should read
Player Prije 6 dana
Snoopy Prije 6 dana
I think readings decent but if I’m forced to then 💀
Leann Kong
Leann Kong Prije 6 dana
I lovvvve reading, my favorite series is Survivors by Erin Hunter
XRealSheep Prije 7 dana
When i was six i read a twohundred page book.
Samantha Loo
Samantha Loo Prije 7 dana
jaiden:I don't like reading also her :make a video about her having a favourite book
Derek McCluskey
Derek McCluskey Prije 7 dana
When I graduated I decided never to read a book again. I was free. Free from boring words squished together on small paper. I just don't enjoy it. When I attempt to read I get either sleepy or get a headache and my eyes strain. I only read graphic novels and manga now. They have pictures so you don't have to imagine a setting and the talk bubbles are short. Some manga's especially online ones they print the picture as big as your device. So if I wanna read on my laptop its really disorientating and kind of claustrophobic I recommend cell phone or tablet.
Neri's Joy
Neri's Joy Prije 7 dana
I had the opposite time with prescribed readings, it was pretty much the easiest part of school because I loved reading so much. I wouldn't actually prepare for exams or anything with practice essays or etc, I'd just read the book a few times and be decent from having the whole thing basically memorised. I still re-read them today, a lot were very cool and genres I wouldn't have likely touched otherwise (e.g. Shakespeare, Lord of the Flies)
Aziz Mascote
Aziz Mascote Prije 7 dana
“He plays Mario Maker” 👌🏼
Dasneakypancake Prije 7 dana
Ocean Breeze Dianna💎
Ocean Breeze Dianna💎 Prije 7 dana
I hate reading but I like the photos 😂😅😧
Emily Davis
Emily Davis Prije 7 dana
Would you be interested in a podcast I’m doing? It’s just me reading a story I’ve been writing for a while.
OMEGA10 TGC Prije 7 dana
The buhga reference
Scarlett Kilty
Scarlett Kilty Prije 7 dana
Yoy shoukd read the tom hates books theu are full of picturez
Yuki - !
Yuki - ! Prije 7 dana
2:37 not the scarlet letter- Ajajjskanskwnsns I read it and I actually liked it-
galaxy kitty chan
galaxy kitty chan Prije 8 dana
I have like thousands of cats and no dog and no birds bc when I go to a dog or a bird it make my body shiver and red.and pls stop saying cats allergy and I hate cats and I am not going into a dog or a bird my friend have a husky and a 4 love birds she grabs me to them even if I say I have allergy she grabs me. jaiden if you are allergic to cats then why are showing cats bad cats are the cutest Thing in the world and dogs ect if you hate cats I hate you were my fav HRpostr now not.i am not a hater.and I am just like you you know I don't want dog allergy or bird allergy..:/
Abhi Prasad
Abhi Prasad Prije 8 dana
I used to like reading as a kid, then had no interest from like 13-26. But reading is fun again, probably because finding a good story is fun and More relaxing. But I get it. Reading has been associated with school forever lol I had to train myself to read for enjoyment
🌸 Pastel_Pixel🌸
🌸 Pastel_Pixel🌸 Prije 8 dana
I like reading books of my choice...but I hate reading for school... luckily i do this online program school where you can highlight the text that you want read to you and it'll READ IT TO YOU, M8
Juliette Palomaki
Juliette Palomaki Prije 8 dana
Wait wait jaiden you read warriors YAY I’m a warrior fan
Weird things I just post
Weird things I just post Prije 8 dana
Look she is right reading can be as addicting as HRpost, but people hate it when they are forced to do it. I only like reading when I read what I want
Kaden Swinning
Kaden Swinning Prije 8 dana
Daniel H.
Daniel H. Prije 8 dana
Over these past few months I have come to know very well the struggles described at the beginning of this video. Please help me. :(
Mrs. Squeakers
Mrs. Squeakers Prije 8 dana
I hate reading books, but listening to books is better. However I still hatevsome books, however I really likes to kill a mocking bird
JJ Prije 8 dana
I was the exact same. it immediately becomes boring when you're forced to do it. I always felt bad because my dad was like "why dont you read anymore?? you used to love it" but I couldn't help it. it was just boring and I could never stick with it ...yet for SOME reason I cant get enough of online reading?? like im obsessed with romance novels, but it has to be online. if it isnt I cant read it. I spend hours online reading but my dad says it "doesn't count" when I mention it
Alexandru Vasile
Alexandru Vasile Prije 8 dana
This is litterly me now , im 13 🤣
Liam Madry
Liam Madry Prije 9 dana
Based off the stuff you said dog man is perfect it has pics funny story and not many word's
-BLANK8000- Prije 9 dana
I'm reading that book is school it's called animal farm XD
Spuntheory Prije 9 dana
I now conclude jaiden is a furry as seen in the background at 1:06
Sheep Prije 9 dana
My parents think I read too much
Paula Raines
Paula Raines Prije 9 dana
Find a book you like. Then it's fun. Well I'm 10 on my grandma's IPad so I don't do like, read Lord of The Flies stuff.
Christian Flynn
Christian Flynn Prije 9 dana
I agree, thank you so much for explaining my feelings
Ayla Gamer
Ayla Gamer Prije 9 dana
I am I bookworm…I still like u tho Jaiden!
F1 Basti
F1 Basti Prije 9 dana
I also hate reading cuz it's just boring I would rather watch videos
Krystof Krajicek
Krystof Krajicek Prije 9 dana
Jaiden: "I hate reading" Me: literally 30 % of my university grades are reading ancient literature...
11cylynt11 Prije 9 dana
Oh a HRpostrs not known for their intelligence also dislikes doing something that requires focus and high mental capacity, how relatable! Tell me more about how you don't like to do things that are mildly difficult because it's too hard for your little brain.
Tj Snow
Tj Snow Prije 9 dana
Ale Graziano
Ale Graziano Prije 10 dana
3.27: that's from ff7 there XD
Ezka Prije 10 dana
I honestly love english, it's my favorite school class. Because I know how to speak english. And it's the 2nd language class where we're all like "alright, just and -ing to this thing and you're done"
Salaga yikes
Salaga yikes Prije 10 dana
But animal farm was good.........
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