I Attempted a Speedrun (and got a world record)

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pure talent

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Music: Cooking Mama Opening Menu

And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D i wonder if cooking mama is single

Who Knows
Who Knows Prije 4 minuta
8:48 it’s just like among us admin card swipe. Why do people find these type of things hard? Lol
likely love
likely love Prije 9 minuta
8:47 Among us players:hmmm sounds familiar
Toxic Void
Toxic Void Prije 10 minuta
How my mom makes food when im playing:
Tristan Kiefer Quela
Tristan Kiefer Quela Prije 12 minuta
Where is scruffy
Alejandro Salgado
Alejandro Salgado Prije 13 minuta
Play yokai wach 1,2 or 3 like if you want to play it
Sada Sivam
Sada Sivam Prije 17 minuta
The next video will become the 100th video of jaiden animations 👏👏🌟😎🤩
Hamsa M
Hamsa M Prije 27 minuta
Hi jaiden
Don Cabral
Don Cabral Prije 27 minuta
jaiden should play phasmophobia
Stxtics Prije 30 minuta
who's the kid narrating hes super annoying as f*ck
TAS IS DUMDUM Prije 32 minuta
Can we get an ari plush but with one buff arm 7:24
Its Me
Its Me Prije 37 minuta
This is making me want to get all the cooking mama games and get a gold medal on all of the meals :) I have the 5th game but still gotta do a lot :)
vLilyyy0_0 Rblx
vLilyyy0_0 Rblx Prije 45 minuta
My friend said I sound like you 💀 but I kinda agree
GIAN RYU Prije 49 minuta
yay smant!
Ronald McDonald
Ronald McDonald Prije 51 minute
Moses Kindle
Moses Kindle Prije 56 minuta
Hey jaden did you now scientists have cloned a mammoth
s a y a n t a e
s a y a n t a e Prije 54 minuta
Wait what 😑😑😑😑😔😐
Man Monkey
Man Monkey Prije sat
Half way through this video I thought “I really want some Mexican food”
mothmantate Prije sat
My favorite HRpostr
Just Zed :p
Just Zed :p Prije sat
I have a tip to get a speedrun on 2048,you just press this order fast:up arrow left arrow down arrow right arrow
Damian Sosa
Damian Sosa Prije sat
Hey jaiden have you ever played gacha life?
Sidney Ghatisingh
Sidney Ghatisingh Prije sat
When is dream going to beat her
Violet Star 123
Violet Star 123 Prije sat
This is your 100th video
Axel Tadeo
Axel Tadeo Prije sat
Jaiden I love your videos although I speak Spanish greetings from Mexico P.D in Mexico there are the Ñ and I agree that they are like this á, é, í, ó and úand in all Spanish-speaking countries
Axel Tadeo
Axel Tadeo Prije sat
I write in Spanish hahaha they do not know what I say unless they use a good translator I leave XD phrases if they translate it :jugamos Play?, Tu cara me suena, ya miraste como se escucha este video?, hey escucha para que veas DXD - hahaha let the game begin
Laser X
Laser X Prije sat
So Jaden just brought back the dead Beautiful game cooking mama back you’re the man Jaden
MrDemonicDaemon Prije sat
make a fighting animation. thats all i have to say.
Michael Broadnax
Michael Broadnax Prije 2 sati
akakiryuushin Prije 2 sati
0:32 is that SmallAnt?
Memey Solar
Memey Solar Prije 2 sati
I feel like you should try out Hat in Time, sounds like a game you will enjoy!
Laura Quijas
Laura Quijas Prije 2 sati
On a map of subscribers the country she would be is iceland
Laura Quijas
Laura Quijas Prije 2 sati
Yakked world
sauscar cruust
sauscar cruust Prije 2 sati
Hahahhahaha lolololo so funny I am laughing so hard hahahahah this is hilarious u are so funny haha lolololol funny cartoon ahahahhaha funny hahahaha so funny lololololo funniest thing ever hahahahahhaha
Laura Quijas
Laura Quijas Prije 2 sati
Cooking momu is just the Gordon Ramses but a girl
Laura Quijas
Laura Quijas Prije 2 sati
Burn the pies
laura cardoso
laura cardoso Prije 2 sati
i too wonder if cooking mama is single
Diego barrera
Diego barrera Prije 2 sati
GG Jaiden
Zelda_link151 Prije 2 sati
can you do a speed run of zelda spirts tracks it funny when toon link keeps on being dizzy lol
Mozzie Prije 3 sati
So i was on reddit yesterday and i came across some nsfw pics of jaiden i told a mod and got that person suspended for 2 weeks on that subreddit
Kevin Menendez
Kevin Menendez Prije 3 sati
You know how to speak Spanish, I don't know how to speak English very well and I really like your animations
Tawseef Chowdhury
Tawseef Chowdhury Prije 3 sati
So hard for me to believe Jaiden watches anime...
Luke Elliot Cheng
Luke Elliot Cheng Prije 3 sati
Somebody beat burnt apple pie
james Balagon
james Balagon Prije 3 sati
Jaiden pls do more animation so we can watch more and play with Animator vs games and jaiden u should have a discord server like other ytbers lmao
Ness RZQ
Ness RZQ Prije 3 sati
Do Earthbound Speedrun
Random_is_great Prije 3 sati
Z- Chan
Z- Chan Prije 3 sati
A former wr
im asian
im asian Prije 3 sati
Impressive I wish I could speed run minecraft
Knight-Captain Rosswell
Knight-Captain Rosswell Prije 3 sati
It hasn't even been a month and already there are several hundred speedruns.
JAKE ROBERSON Prije 3 sati
*jaiden what have you done*
CorruptedSki Prije 3 sati
At 13:35 there is a message saying “Don’t do this please
Andrei Daniel Eser
Andrei Daniel Eser Prije 4 sati
meet the heavy
Alexander Gallagher
Alexander Gallagher Prije 4 sati
Ahh I see a food wars conisour
davia alexander
davia alexander Prije 4 sati
Oh my God I miss your videos it's been a long time😊
michelle azzone
michelle azzone Prije 4 sati
Does anyone get the darksouls: remastered joke
Angel Sparklez
Angel Sparklez Prije 4 sati
About 40 people have already taken your crown you know?
Ani's Trash Can
Ani's Trash Can Prije 4 sati
You at 8.88 mil
the little mew
the little mew Prije 4 sati
when she din't post any new vids so you decide to watch her old ones. aka me like if you are too l v
G MAN TV Prije 4 sati
the cooking mama i first played gave me nightmares and i guess its a different cooking mama hehe
ok miyuuu
ok miyuuu Prije 4 sati
I love jaidens videos about video games, makes me want to play them myself
Jack Nguyen
Jack Nguyen Prije 5 sati
Looks like Jaden become a moderator for cooking Mama second great now she became a moderator guys
Jackie Fontana
Jackie Fontana Prije 5 sati
do among us experience vid
123jibwinny valdes
123jibwinny valdes Prije 5 sati
4:19 made me die of laughter!
troy johan Pilay
troy johan Pilay Prije 5 sati
Jaieden you got face reavel by MR BEAST SORRY THE GAME CALLED LIFE
Xendie Prije 5 sati
jaiden you got beeten
ALEJANDRO1,110 cr Prije 5 sati
ïťžĞáčhâ łìź
ïťžĞáčhâ łìź Prije 5 sati
Ok I cant do a speed run because i cant even finish super Mario odyssey I finish mario odyssey in 7 days
RadiationZack10 Prije 5 sati
The lid 5:04
RadiationZack10 Prije 5 sati
Tinkrr Prije 5 sati
Someone out there will do a Jaiden Animations 100% speedrun by doing every video in order
Landon Wright
Landon Wright Prije 5 sati
Dear Jadine I want to inform you that I have just lost my Ari RIP I miss her so much.
tsvi weil
tsvi weil Prije 5 sati
10:51 smug Jaiden is best Jaiden
Tristan Harlan
Tristan Harlan Prije 5 sati
what tablet do you use for drawing? I'm thinking about making comics on one.
Minecraft Gamer209
Minecraft Gamer209 Prije 5 sati
Sonic the Hedgehog
Jannette Cano
Jannette Cano Prije 6 sati
Where's minecraft? Where's dream
TheRealASITW Gameplays y demas
TheRealASITW Gameplays y demas Prije 6 sati
now is the 6 place in the world
Smash Power
Smash Power Prije 6 sati
Is that small ant
Ingrid Maldonado Maldonado
Ingrid Maldonado Maldonado Prije 6 sati
I did a among us speed run
Sahid Becdach
Sahid Becdach Prije 6 sati
Speedrunners spend all their time playing games trying to not spend time playing games
master boom
master boom Prije 6 sati
Did u record the speed run
theogfgz jj
theogfgz jj Prije 6 sati
ok time to speedrun pong (1984) ball%
Idanu Boyo
Idanu Boyo Prije 6 sati
I Speedrun Speedrun videos. I watch them at x2 speed and skip really fast.
Jayden Lam
Jayden Lam Prije 6 sati
Whole new thing: What if Jaiden did a Virtual Reality gameplay and animated what she did in real life in the corner Now that I type it, it sounds bad butttttttt I’m still gonna post it
ndd 323
ndd 323 Prije 6 sati
If only jaiden knew what she would unleash by dropping this video
chris condos
chris condos Prije 6 sati
# Jaiden speed runner
Lily Gallagher
Lily Gallagher Prije 6 sati
Does anyone remember Mr yet to be thrown out lemon
Creeper Flashez
Creeper Flashez Prije 7 sati
I thought it was Minecraft
Matthew Maldonado
Matthew Maldonado Prije 7 sati
You should watch Aggretsuko on Netflix
CLARA LINARES Prije 7 sati
Bro I have this game... I have all the recipes... O.o
mr_pumpkin Prije 7 sati
11:13 that sound
ShinyPipGuin20 :3 ඞ
ShinyPipGuin20 :3 ඞ Prije 7 sati
Willie's willie
Willie's willie Prije 7 sati
So, why is cooking mama part of the yakuza
mr_pumpkin Prije 7 sati
Why should I not look it up? I'm 15 Idk what it is
Mary Sanchez
Mary Sanchez Prije 7 sati
Ah yes....Food Wars 🤣
Kawaii-gachas :3
Kawaii-gachas :3 Prije 7 sati
That jojo part tho
Dismissor Prije 7 sati
Holy hell she moderates the page for this speed-run now
Caelin Matthew Asriel Hobbs
Caelin Matthew Asriel Hobbs Prije 7 sati
10:03 Jojo reference
Emon Shibabaw
Emon Shibabaw Prije 7 sati
Jaiden are you going to make a birthday party video for Ari....
ParPar Prije 7 sati
"i wonder if cooking mama is single" BRUH SHES LITERALLY COOKING *MAMA* WHAT DO YOU THINK
-mellow vibes-
-mellow vibes- Prije 7 sati
1:35 its impossible for food war characters to keep their clothes on-
Benny Zhang
Benny Zhang Prije 7 sati
Zarthul Prije 7 sati
i would like you to start a secondary gaming channel or a reaction channel or something
Mikolaj Or Nicholas Rybacki
Mikolaj Or Nicholas Rybacki Prije 8 sati
You know that there is a SpongeBob battle for the bikini bottom remake
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