Things that Happened While I Grew up

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Prije 3 godina

glad i didnt drown!

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And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D hope you don't drown anytime soon (or ever)

FouvdMe Prije 3 minuta
About the filters in the pool, I always thought sharks would come out of it.
MinecraftTheAdventure Awaits
MinecraftTheAdventure Awaits Prije 9 sati
Wink 8009
Wink 8009 Prije 19 sati
I know im late BUT IS THAT PAPYRUS AT 2:43
sofiabejauvu Prije 19 sati
3:16 el reloj es monokuma creo que así se llama me acabo de dar cuenta xd
Andy Fathmal Mudzakkir
Andy Fathmal Mudzakkir Prije dan
Jaidan hahaha 😂
Pyrotarlu74 Prije dan
OK the drowning part had me laugh uncontrollably, not gonna lie.
x#SOTH#x Prije dan
Dude… I use to have lisp too and when we went to the zoo with my ant and uncle I went ‘Aw ith tho adowable’ and the make fun of me for it 🥲
#Max.1234 Prije dan
i almost drowned 2 time
arav the mastermind
arav the mastermind Prije dan
Please make a pixelmon video
arav the mastermind
arav the mastermind Prije dan
Please make a pixelmon video
arav the mastermind
arav the mastermind Prije dan
Please make a pixelmon video
Katy Fan
Katy Fan Prije dan
Papyrus was in the pasta scene
Cool Bro
Cool Bro Prije dan
Tesla was an Italian that wanted to power the world with his tesla coils.
c.c afton
c.c afton Prije dan
Sue Hit
Sue Hit Prije dan
Same because I also was under a pool mat and tried to push it up and almost drowned but he moved lol
Brizeida Rangel
Brizeida Rangel Prije dan
A dying little girl I have a cough and they sell cough drops my nose is called just a little bit and I love your videos so much
Max Waginski
Max Waginski Prije dan
bun bun bun bun bun I love my litte cinnamin bun I could just sqweez his little cheeks
Ranger Nite
Ranger Nite Prije 2 dana
"Ty mr.chad" 5:21
ruven chick
ruven chick Prije 2 dana
lol i see papayrus next to that spagget 2:42
Sirozen Prije 2 dana
you guys have no idea how many time i repeated "pasa with no thauce" sorry jaiden i will now stop repeat it i promise you that
Flamingo is god
Flamingo is god Prije 2 dana
I still have a lisp and I hate it
Creeperaeman ARCHIVED
Creeperaeman ARCHIVED Prije 2 dana
Jaiden: so one time i almost drowned and die Me: that happened to me when i was like 3 years old
ZiggsWorld Prije 2 dana
Lol my mom did the same thing! Eye contact challenge??
rihab eissawy
rihab eissawy Prije 2 dana
im scared of the filters to
Artamis Bot
Artamis Bot Prije 2 dana
This was really funny and cute...
Susan Scherr
Susan Scherr Prije 2 dana
I have a friend named Jaden
glorpse Prije 2 dana
im sorry but who eats pasta with no sauce
2:44 paparyus
rose the Wolf
rose the Wolf Prije 2 dana
2:41 XD
game hpbesar
game hpbesar Prije 3 dana
Lol this is so funny
black kitty_playz
black kitty_playz Prije 3 dana
"So I just wrote jaiden's mom" Me: oohh I want your signature too 😸
natemom canada
natemom canada Prije 3 dana
OMG YOU HAVE 34436155 views!
Fallout Boy
Fallout Boy Prije 3 dana
"we have asian blood in us so we can't bring dishonner to our famery" - asian jaiden
Antonio Montero
Antonio Montero Prije 3 dana
Sounds awful I hate eye contact so much.
Karen Falconer
Karen Falconer Prije 3 dana
Pathta with no sauth
LinkLOZ09 Prije 3 dana
2:41 i never noticed the papyrus head on the pile of spaghetti
Hydration Prije 4 dana
How did i only notice Papyrus there omg actully amazing
rogameri Prije 4 dana
asian blood or japanese blood?
Teun Eeltink
Teun Eeltink Prije 4 dana
SkidandPump Fnightfunkin
SkidandPump Fnightfunkin Prije 4 dana
Random papyrus at 2:43 be like
Wolffylivi Prije 4 dana
My parents are actully like that to lol
23 ANTONIO, Aivian Nicole
23 ANTONIO, Aivian Nicole Prije 4 dana
Store and get a milk and the die
Nezuko Kamado
Nezuko Kamado Prije 4 dana
It took me 3 years to realise you drew papyrus at the spagetti part. XD
Nezuko Kamado
Nezuko Kamado Prije 4 dana
@Stina Lap at the top
Stina Lap
Stina Lap Prije 4 dana
Wut she drew spaghetti
Saul López
Saul López Prije 4 dana
God of yeets
God of yeets Prije 4 dana
Those 2 parts to one guy: OH MY GOD JAIDON PEKED FON AT ITALAN/ASIAN LANGAGE SHE IS RASIST TA HOR OXN EACE p.s words misspelled on purpose to show its stupid and there stupid
Wamnimates Prije 4 dana
1:35 Is that Maaz from The aMAZing?
V Petcher
V Petcher Prije 4 dana
I find it stupid that we say “pardon” is polite when it’s just the Dutch word for what like when you say pardon your just saying what.
LookingForSomeoneToCollabAnAnimationWith Prije 5 dana
i love the eye color joke at the end
PBPC 4th YEAR Prije 5 dana
show face
Iseja Leqsed
Iseja Leqsed Prije 5 dana
The wide-eyed porcupine coronally prefer because fight extraorally interest barring a changeable birth. cheerful, nimble women
FintyFlow Prije 5 dana
pasta with sauce
JONATHAN López Prije 5 dana
I say pardon
Impresionante_Jackson1 Prije 5 dana
I watched this with inverted colors. It was terrifying.
Mekemo 2.0
Mekemo 2.0 Prije 5 dana
Nele Hagenstein
Nele Hagenstein Prije 5 dana
Jaiden: I hated this filters. Me: Yes! I wasn't the only one who was afraid of those things! Now my live is having a sense!
sleeping pupper
sleeping pupper Prije 5 dana
There’s the somebody touching my spaget papyrus and mario in the pasta bit
Hannah Walters
Hannah Walters Prije 5 dana
Thank you for sharing. Great video If your reading this I hope you have a great day and know. “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” ‭‭John‬ ‭3:16‬ ‭NIV
LJ Kommer
LJ Kommer Prije 5 dana
Jaiden: "We can't bring this honor to our famiry." Me: 2018 people, 2018
Noelle Fessler
Noelle Fessler Prije 5 dana
2:43 PAPS!
VSiFer Prije 6 dana
4:33 I've been in the same situation and I DID THE EXACT SAME FREAKING THING! (And I thought I was going to die.)
Ethan Lozano
Ethan Lozano Prije 6 dana
4:35 : "over top of me" The word "above": am i a joke to you?
Daniel Moreka
Daniel Moreka Prije 6 dana
kartuuse Prije 6 dana
Drowning of stupidity
kartuuse Prije 6 dana
And a ho mamamia italian babysitter
Happy_Pill XD
Happy_Pill XD Prije 7 dana
Jaiden animations I challenge u for the title of eye staring champion!!!
dr unamme
dr unamme Prije 7 dana
pwasta withh no swauce
Glinda_M Prije 7 dana
Her videos always make me happy😊
Random Prije 7 dana
Aby Abi
Aby Abi Prije 7 dana
Pasta with no sauce? Wait is there even any flavor with that
Carrie Poulter
Carrie Poulter Prije 8 dana
I do
ε𝒂𝒒𝒗𝒐𝒓𝒊𝒂ε Prije 8 dana
Whats your favorite food? Me:pAtHa WitH NwO sAuTH
tin can
tin can Prije 8 dana
I have a Asian parent too and that is the truth they always want me to greet people
Julieta Acosta
Julieta Acosta Prije 8 dana
who sawed the papyrus in the spagetti? lol
boban ristoski
boban ristoski Prije 8 dana
boban ristoski
boban ristoski Prije 8 dana
When your mom sed pasra with no sauce it make me laugh 15
Nicolás Guerrero
Nicolás Guerrero Prije 8 dana
jaiden mom's hahaha
Wilbur_GAMING Prije 9 dana
Hey Jaiden can I pls make vids like yours pls bc I need subs and likes bye queen!!!
miner nikoliko
miner nikoliko Prije 9 dana
2:14 HUUuUUUUuUUuUuUuuUuuUuUuUuUuUuUUUuuUuUuH??
Milo Molars
Milo Molars Prije 8 dana
More like 2:17
gamer yes
gamer yes Prije 9 dana
Pasta wit da sus.
Illhami Ahmad
Illhami Ahmad Prije 9 dana
Kumar Arnav Raj
Kumar Arnav Raj Prije 9 dana
Moral of the story - Always love your parents even if they shout HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUNNNNNN🤣
almond Prije 9 dana
Pathta with no thauce *sounds bUsSin*
Luke_or_not Prije 9 dana
2:43 why is papyrus there ?
Mr. Madsen
Mr. Madsen Prije 9 dana
Wth i also almost drowned under a water mat thing. Well after around 15 seconds i went to the side. The life guards didn’t save me and i Think i would be dead now if i hadn’t saved myself.
kevin Prije 10 dana
patha with no sawth
Joe Finlayson2.0
Joe Finlayson2.0 Prije 10 dana
The Chinese family got me so hard
Queen diva
Queen diva Prije 10 dana
Jaden’s guest hi Jaden Stop talking I got a quiz to go take
Wunkydoo Prije 11 dana
Me searching through the comments to see if anyone else thought their video paused itself at that one part
luke d 4th
luke d 4th Prije 11 dana
Jaiden:almost drowned and died Me:same
DeMattMorency Prije 11 dana
Most speech impediments can be solved by knowing which parts of your mouth make noises, but I find most of them endearing and don't bother trying to change them unless they inhibit understanding.
I c h i g o ~ f a i r y
I c h i g o ~ f a i r y Prije 11 dana
0:44 Jaidn say missus :3
Sunny fay 1310
Sunny fay 1310 Prije 11 dana
How are ppl not talking about that the clock is monokuma😅😅
CERBERUS_DeS Prije 11 dana
3:16 Fun fact: Italian is the only language with blaspheme
The unimportant guy
The unimportant guy Prije 11 dana
Me: sees Jaiden or any other animator I like Me: faints and falls out of my chair
Pink octopus🌸
Pink octopus🌸 Prije 12 dana
Im italian and brazilian!
cute moments•23_D :v
cute moments•23_D :v Prije 12 dana
2:46 the mario is funny😂
GloriaJ Blanco
GloriaJ Blanco Prije 12 dana
Ooh you could make a vídeo with reactions of your parents to stuff in your videos like this
chinnu xavier
chinnu xavier Prije 12 dana
i almost drowned but im fine :D
Đào Thư
Đào Thư Prije 12 dana
Jaiden your animations great I can’t even draw a circle I have to use some thing around me to use add a circle you’re a great animator Jaiden
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