The best pokemon game you never played

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lol pokemon amirite

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And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D hey

myszeło jelen °v°
myszeło jelen °v° Prije sat
Play pokemon Fire Red plz
Nathan Pablo
Nathan Pablo Prije 4 sati
Skull Ace
Skull Ace Prije 5 sati
that cool I bet you didn't know about shadow Pokemon
Adam Iqran
Adam Iqran Prije 9 sati
there is also pokemon unite
Delta X
Delta X Prije 10 sati
This was my introduction into the Pokemon universe! Thank you so much for doing this video!!
💎F4n¢E Prije 11 sati
The best pokemon game i played is Pokemon platinum
Silvadic Prije 12 sati
Fun fact: I actually did get to play this since I found it in the used area of a GameStop. I can confirm that is was amazing and very fun. I really hope that one day, they bring back the Ranger Series (even if it’s with the sticks of the Switch) just to see what they could do.
Amy Parrish
Amy Parrish Prije 18 sati
its bedoof not bidoof
Lilo Lilly
Lilo Lilly Prije 19 sati
1:06 ✨🌸NO sHreCK tWO🌸✨
Silver FoxDemon
Silver FoxDemon Prije dan
New to the channel, but good god, I've never been so amused. Thank you for the secondhand experience of this game, I wish I'd gotten to play it now because you've portrayed it so well--Pokémon should hire you to hype up their newest releases whenever they make something 😂
Nixon Prije dan
Some people so stupid
Vanessa Prije dan
The beyblade still kills me.
Patty Perez
Patty Perez Prije dan
Play Friday night funkin
Light Dakku
Light Dakku Prije dan
Rewatching this for like the tenth time. Notice the first couple letters in binary. Take time to translate.... damn it... XD
liza king
liza king Prije dan
The present albatross summatively heat because asphalt conjecturally copy unlike a expensive sink. gorgeous, festive learning
Mia Vargas
Mia Vargas Prije dan
Jaden dance at 4:55
Moon Night
Moon Night Prije dan
I remember this game when I was a kid. And I agree every time that I see the bad guys. I enjoy whenever I see them appear on screen
icybline Prije dan
poke drawing cercles
Denki Prije 2 dana
Jaiden react to young yong tale
Ocean J.K
Ocean J.K Prije 2 dana
4:54 pls tell me what this music is called
michelle rivera
michelle rivera Prije 2 dana
Play fnf
Sawyer mainard
Sawyer mainard Prije 2 dana
I have it
Arda Kağan
Arda Kağan Prije 3 dana
4:55 world best dance
E Ventura
E Ventura Prije 3 dana
You should play the new FNaF game
Emmanuel Olver
Emmanuel Olver Prije 3 dana
That's just cruel Jaden the Pikachu didn't do anything
Nebi ?
Nebi ? Prije 3 dana
Love the little easter egg based off the poem “The Raven”, really nice touch! 4:23
Zay Prije 3 dana
Time to buy a Pokémon game
Grace Coco
Grace Coco Prije 3 dana
Have you ever given Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Blue Explorers of Time a try? It’s the only Pokémon game that’s ever made me tear up.
Kristin Huffmaster
Kristin Huffmaster Prije 3 dana
{Nightmare} Prije 3 dana
touch the bidoof.
Aaang Prije 3 dana
Dog man
Dog man Prije 3 dana
Touch the Bidoof
raumune Prije 3 dana
raumune Prije 3 dana
Von Prije 3 dana
this: a pokemon game also the game: touch the *BIDOOF*
Dr. Strange
Dr. Strange Prije 4 dana
Show me the Pokemon franchise I would definitely buy if this was a name Pokemon Dark World
Jansen Christian Fernandez
Jansen Christian Fernandez Prije 4 dana
Best joke: touch the bidoof
Wakinah Warsano
Wakinah Warsano Prije 4 dana
no regerts
Random Person
Random Person Prije 4 dana
I probably commented on this video when I first watched it, but I found the vid again, and just have to say, as someone who played it relatively early on, it's definitely the best pokemon game IMO, 100% agree, I didn't even know it was a series at the time since the first one I played was Shadows of Almia, but my god it was amazing. However if anyone who sees this comment is REALLY struggling with it and is finding it too hard, which makes it annoying, I actually found out a way to practically win almost every single boss fight, INCLUDING darkrai. Here's the super simple step guide. Step 1: get Shieldon as your partner That's it, that's the strat, you just do that and then a lot of pokemon will be COMPLETELY stopped in time when you use his ability, and EVERY pokemon (except for VERY few of them) will at LEAST be slowed. Now it's been a while since I've played and I don't remember who gives you the quest, but I remember that the quest will take you to the cliffs, the same ones you went to do defeat Team Dim Sun's Rampardos, the shieldon got stuck so you have to go rescue him.
Isaac Parsouth
Isaac Parsouth Prije 4 dana
Shingeki no Kyojin: Pokemon Edition
Elias Alvarez
Elias Alvarez Prije 4 dana
Agiimaa Enkhbayar
Agiimaa Enkhbayar Prije 4 dana
i just wish my dad would get me this. team dimsun is making me wanna play.
SCR4TCHK4T Prije 4 dana
*4:32** I had to rewind the video for a sec*
Devin Rudibaugh
Devin Rudibaugh Prije 4 dana
The Pikachu with the blueberry
Vale Divinity
Vale Divinity Prije 4 dana
5:49 Hmmmmmmm looks like sanji in his raid suit from One Piece..............
tntaro 123
tntaro 123 Prije 4 dana
I loved Pokemon ranger
DIAMOND-SKM yt Prije 5 dana
4:54 goes with any song
•Itn∅ttNight• Prije 5 dana
My favorite part is when she dance to the music and just Throw Rattata to the sky Lol
Umagatron787 Prije 5 dana
2:34 do be sus tho
Zayden Jones ZJ HI
Zayden Jones ZJ HI Prije 5 dana
Did you play the game
Ammar Abokor
Ammar Abokor Prije 5 dana
-11:52 put captions on
Leaneur Prije 5 dana
Muk? what aboooooooooooout ku-
Toye and Tara's World
Toye and Tara's World Prije 5 dana
For the last time It pokemon quest!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sakuya Izayoi
Sakuya Izayoi Prije 5 dana
The binary at 5:18, when translated to text, says: "only nerds can read this" Nice little detail Jaiden!
Beany Prije 6 dana
The dancing part was my fav and its funny]
Bolormaa Munkhchuluun
Bolormaa Munkhchuluun Prije 6 dana
Mama wtf
carolyn lawagey
carolyn lawagey Prije 6 dana
play pokemon black an pokemon black 2
Mimikyuezo Prije 6 dana
Bruh I love the sun and moon mostly because it was the first pokemon game ive ever played
EJ & Edric’s Game of Games
EJ & Edric’s Game of Games Prije 6 dana
🌸Blossom🌸 Prije 6 dana
No one: Pokémon Ranger: *t o u c h t h e b i d o o f*
may shade
may shade Prije 7 dana
Lois Anne Barin
Lois Anne Barin Prije 7 dana
Pokémon Ranger is a forgotten memory I swear
Trixie La Lobita
Trixie La Lobita Prije 7 dana
I have the game lol (shadows of almia tbe)
Jackie C
Jackie C Prije 7 dana
ngl i thought team dim sun was team dim sum... was genuinely confused as to why the villains would be named for chinese brunch lol
Magically Me
Magically Me Prije 7 dana
Me who just found out how to use emulator: i wonder if this is on emulator..
Rayyan Prije 7 dana
Power rangers , Google
Maria Mendoza De Hernandez
Maria Mendoza De Hernandez Prije 7 dana
And sword and shield
Maria Mendoza De Hernandez
Maria Mendoza De Hernandez Prije 7 dana
Pokémon x and y are my favorite
Izzy Narnia
Izzy Narnia Prije 7 dana
Harvey Jackson Jr.
Harvey Jackson Jr. Prije 7 dana
Jaiden: yes sirs
DS Prije 7 dana
I did like pokemon x and y and pokken tournament
EeveeStar 682
EeveeStar 682 Prije 8 dana
Jaiden didn't mention that the reason why Team Dim Sun tried to catch Wailord was because they wanted to use it as A REPLACEMENT CARGO SHIP.
3hype Robert
3hype Robert Prije 8 dana
Pokémon ranger is the best Pokémon Game but thanks for telling me the rest of the story I only have half of it complete
Boiii Prije 8 dana
Well I never played any pokemon game except the one that you have to walk to other places for a pokemon but I don’t like it so I just deleted it
Andre Eduardo Oliveira De Lima
Andre Eduardo Oliveira De Lima Prije 8 dana
Alex Ramirez
Alex Ramirez Prije 8 dana
4:52 tho think thats the first time i seen a dancing scene
Taritz Reyes
Taritz Reyes Prije 8 dana
Jaiden is the exact definition of a cinnamon bun, and you can not convince me otherwise.
Tristan Da Cunha
Tristan Da Cunha Prije 8 dana
Her dance tho
White Fang
White Fang Prije 9 dana
Hey Jaiden have you tried Castlevania portrait of ruin ?
• Nova Light •
• Nova Light • Prije 9 dana
WE WIL TAKE OVER THE WORLD>:D Five minutes later... Touch the bidoof🙃
Jirred Vang
Jirred Vang Prije 9 dana
Ah yes one of the hardest pokemon game
CheerNo Crow
CheerNo Crow Prije 9 dana
The best part about these games is that the pokèmon are actually treated as living beings. I mean, in the first game you gain a partner pokèmon by actually connecting to it emotionally. There is no "capturing" involved, this little guy just likes you and that is awesome
Amru Prije 9 dana
4:54 imagine being in that situation
Amru Prije 9 dana
plus the animation is very cool
ElleInc Prije 9 dana
I loved Sword and Shield. But I'm into open world.
Hannah Subratha
Hannah Subratha Prije 9 dana
touch the bidoof
LilBlueOnk Prije 9 dana
Gretchen Guseman
Gretchen Guseman Prije 9 dana
How did she get Pokémon ranger???
Hanako Prije 9 dana
Lol whale lord mine
Sophia Martinez
Sophia Martinez Prije 9 dana
All i remember from that game is the damn Rampardos, i got stuck on that level every time😂 i did love shadows of Almia. My brother had the other two but i had this one and i completed the whole game from start to finish, i did every single side quest and caught every single pokemon, i was so proud of myself. Seeing some of the gameplay brought back memories i forgot i had. Defo gonna play that game again in the next few years when i have time
Nathaniel Labelle
Nathaniel Labelle Prije 9 dana
If you want good writing in a Pokemon game, play PMD Explorer's of Sky
Shinzu Mendoza
Shinzu Mendoza Prije 9 dana
7:07 some random grunt be like "want a snow cone?"
Mafe uwu y sus locuras
Mafe uwu y sus locuras Prije 10 dana
How Pikachu ate licked the blueberry sadly lol
Just your local youtuber gamer ❤️
Just your local youtuber gamer ❤️ Prije 10 dana
Jaiden:Say the first line My iPad:Welp, goodbye *almost falls onto the hard stone ish floor*
Noyely ian
Noyely ian Prije 10 dana
Raven Mamaril
Raven Mamaril Prije 10 dana
The only thing I remember about playing this game is crying because my circles weren't perfect enough
Nanta Dhita
Nanta Dhita Prije 10 dana
the music is like my country music
A h h h
A h h h Prije 10 dana
Jaiden is so good at animating dancing, how- what? Im so terrible at dancing.
Arfa Firas Faeyza
Arfa Firas Faeyza Prije 10 dana
Jaiden : "i like it, and C I R C L E S" My mind : osu!
Opinión de un Ignorante
Opinión de un Ignorante Prije 10 dana
That uniform looks just like the one OXXO's cashiers use. :0
some guy in a zoo
some guy in a zoo Prije 10 dana
Keith is 5 foot 4 inched
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