The worst thing that's ever happened to me

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lol december wasn't great

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And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D Don't get too stressed or you might get itchy

James Osada
James Osada Prije 28 minuta
This video made me feel itchy.
milkyway_2007 Prije 31 minute
i have had moments like that where i cant even feel my face, it happens often and i just have to accept that i have to live with it.( once you get used to it, its not that bad...) :c
mothmantate Prije 34 minuta
Atilla Prije 59 minuta
oh god stories like these make me feel happy that i have autism and get overstimulated quickly so before i get to that point of uncomfort i just blend everything out
Ally Pape
Ally Pape Prije sat
0:13 A-Are those... are those the Powerpuff Girls?!
cherry lite
cherry lite Prije sat
Jaiden: hives Me: stomac ace and dry cough
Monica Terry
Monica Terry Prije sat
I actually did I had electric reaction before except I don't have an EpiPen actually was admitted into the hospital for quite a while I don't even know how wrong the time I was in there for definitely kicked me in the face jsonline I'm 9 years old I believe this happens when I was four or five or six or wasn't I wasn't when I was 4 I don't know how old I want to spend some time but who cares not me not right now please right now I don't care but you feel that pain all you don't know what real pain is where is there desert up to knife stabbing me repeatedly don't be me and get some extremely severe allergies that might actually kill you don't ever get those ecology
Fantasy 75bt
Fantasy 75bt Prije 2 sati
I have had hives before I was really sick (3 weeks) that sucked I was sitting outside wanting to kinda throw up I started itching I looked and I was freaking out went to mom and told me I have hives.... fun and since then I get paranoid when I get really itchy like right now
BigBoi Gaming Vlogs
BigBoi Gaming Vlogs Prije 2 sati
The video cover:says hospital The title: the worst thing that happened to me People getting a vaccine for COVID-19: maybe I should rethink this all out
ava corrick
ava corrick Prije 3 sati
So you got hives on my birthday, wow
Countries Animations
Countries Animations Prije 3 sati
Hey ... oooooooo
Legrand Prije 3 sati
4:00 devil pog
Leah L
Leah L Prije 4 sati
Me since 7 years old: AHHHHHH EPIPENS ARE GONNA HURTTTTT Me now: 8:06 all good bro
Rahat Ansar
Rahat Ansar Prije 4 sati
I now how that feels 😨😵😣😢
Renzoh’s Club
Renzoh’s Club Prije 4 sati
This video makes me itch
Hamilton The Huffelpuff
Hamilton The Huffelpuff Prije 4 sati
That was like me but it spread all around my chest then it went away when my mom put vapor rub all over my chest and felt better
Mr. Ashtastic
Mr. Ashtastic Prije 4 sati
When she said she was covered in red, it sounds like auto tune
Mr. Ashtastic
Mr. Ashtastic Prije 4 sati
Zuerox Prije 5 sati
I had that exact same thing, but I got it due to laundry detergent which my skin was irritated by.
Mapletree Gaming
Mapletree Gaming Prije 5 sati
You were allergic to stress. And that sucks. But an epipen...never had THAT. Steroids, however, I am an expert in, as far as like...prednisone. So yeah, glad to see you better!
Logan at games
Logan at games Prije 5 sati
i have a allergic reaction to peanuts and dogs BUT i literally die of starvation from bananas NO MATTER HOW MUCH I EAT IT DOES NOTHING AND I GET hungrier ... AND hungrier ... and hungrier in conclusion i end up literally died till i go to the hospital because my roommate will see me and take me to the hospital oh yeah also i sometimes puke out blood
Bryce Solomon
Bryce Solomon Prije 5 sati
Hives are the worst I got them befote
Emma Arellano
Emma Arellano Prije 6 sati
Did the epipen hurt
Mr. Ashtastic
Mr. Ashtastic Prije 4 sati
Did her description of it sound like it hurt?
GalaxyTheLynx Prije 6 sati
Me watching this video: it it just me or I’m itchy...-
FlyingFish Prije 7 sati
As a person who is HIGHLY allergic to nuts and has hives all the time, I can say it SUCKS
Jose Luis Ledesma
Jose Luis Ledesma Prije 7 sati
Jaiden: I Can Now Say I've Been On Steroids Before. Jaiden: So Yeah... I Could Probably Beat You All In FootBall Now. Squid: **DISCLAIMER*: Wrong Type Of Steroids* Me: Ima Just Pretend I Didn't See That-
Maria Cordova
Maria Cordova Prije 7 sati
Jaiden:hives Me:3 bites from bugs
Marie Barnett
Marie Barnett Prije 7 sati
i had hives before it started on my leg right were my cat was sitting
KazconYT Prije 7 sati
Doctor:have u been near animals Jaiden:No Me:ARI
Markus Creech
Markus Creech Prije 7 sati
The best line in the video. that doesn't seem right
Sluxshie Shiezx
Sluxshie Shiezx Prije 7 sati
This was the first video that I watched And I was like Who the heck is Ari
pizzazombie354 Prije 8 sati
this video is making me itchy
Daniel Prije 8 sati
Luka Pato
Luka Pato Prije 9 sati
Ian Ruffles
Ian Ruffles Prije 10 sati
debanhi717 my roblox account
debanhi717 my roblox account Prije 10 sati
Nayeli Velasquez
Nayeli Velasquez Prije 10 sati
Also this is Gloria Medina
Nayeli Velasquez
Nayeli Velasquez Prije 10 sati
Jaiden you ain’t the only one who get hives I got them twice I almost died of it when three and I had it in school cause of milk and fell asleep in the nurses office
LS Eyre
LS Eyre Prije 11 sati
jaiden you live in arezona
pro lords
pro lords Prije 12 sati
I hade hives once
SuperSonic Gamer
SuperSonic Gamer Prije 12 sati
Pain. Like when u finish ur homework but ur mate says there is a back page... MEGA OOF SIZE
Maja Victory
Maja Victory Prije 13 sati
"Everywhere i put the lotion was even more red and itchy" I'm sorry but is it just me who feels the same when i put on some kind of cream that's meant to help with sunburn? Just me? Ok.
Kyvacodo 09
Kyvacodo 09 Prije 14 sati
Yay Jaiden is almost at 9 million subscribers!! Yay!!
Da_Russian2017 Prije 14 sati
I hade hives before and it’s cause of COLDNESS
Yoshinobu Takahashi
Yoshinobu Takahashi Prije 14 sati
Wow already 4 months
Sonia Ross
Sonia Ross Prije 14 sati
"Stress was probably the reason for Hives" Hives when people are in school: Allow me to introduce myself
Fnaf plush movies 258
Fnaf plush movies 258 Prije 14 sati
Oh no I'm itching right. Now
Lyddia Sofia
Lyddia Sofia Prije 16 sati
I can feel your pain o_o
zagara Prije 17 sati
Lololoooo this is one of my favorite Jaiden videos. It is now 5am and I have an outbreak of hives👽
Dizzy Gacha
Dizzy Gacha Prije 17 sati
Jaiden: *Claims 2019 Was The Worst* 2020: AHA- You aint seen me yet suckerrr
Mya-rae Miller
Mya-rae Miller Prije 17 sati
Jaden looks like a strawberry cow from her hives Like if u agree 👇
BETA X Prije 19 sati
6:46 funniest part
RealisticBanana Prije 19 sati
12:06 *Bleach.*
Welsan 03
Welsan 03 Prije 20 sati
Got my first hives today, kinda severe too wish me luck
Beeg Mario
Beeg Mario Prije 21 sat
I don’t have any allergic reactions.. I wanna feel the pen
shukor jali
shukor jali Prije 22 sati
I had a throat infection and blood came out after i cough once
Bryan Benedith IPH Student
Bryan Benedith IPH Student Prije 22 sati
Plato Prije 22 sati
0:18 are those the heckin powerpuff girls
Taim Hassan
Taim Hassan Prije 22 sati
i hade hives worse than that. wave 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 of pain coming in.
Naszir Williams
Naszir Williams Prije 23 sati
5:00 Wait if this happened because of Ari sitting on you then does that mean birds can get Corona Virus
Mr. Ashtastic
Mr. Ashtastic Prije 4 sati
This happened in 2019, and they can’t
soquenikk Prije 23 sati
*her father to finally find milk*
Short Classics
Short Classics Prije 23 sati
I remember about a year ago I had got Lymes Disease. It was the worst feeling of my life. First I started throwing up like crazy and was extremely nauseous. Then my legs started cramping and I could just barley walk. Soon came ring shaped hives and it was terrible. I had to take 3 blood tests before I could be diagnosed. The following nights I was up doing absolutely nothing. I started to get awful headaches and joint pain. I had visited urgent care twice and had gone to the hospital. I finally got a prescription and felt much better.
Abray Popoca
Abray Popoca Prije dan
8:56 jaiden's mind:we are hitting pain levels that shouldn't even be possible
Silver D. Golden
Silver D. Golden Prije dan
I haven’t had hives but I have had poison ivy. It sucked. Things were itchy and when ever I accidentally scratched myself it would itch. Because it gets under your finger nails. It cured, it was only for a few days but it sucked while it was there.
DizastaMasta Prije dan
Lynna Allen
Lynna Allen Prije dan
i was one of thoes kids who riped off the grasshopers heads and i regret it
Chloe Chen
Chloe Chen Prije dan
*i know how you feel. because i have hives right now. and its not fun. a g a i n*
Mr. Ashtastic
Mr. Ashtastic Prije dan
Mr. Ashtastic
Mr. Ashtastic Prije dan
I looked up what an EpiPen is like and it was completely different than what you described
Mr. Ashtastic
Mr. Ashtastic Prije dan
Sorry Jaiden, but at least we can both say we’ve experienced hell on earth
It’s Enes
It’s Enes Prije dan
I don’t know which animator I rather more theodd1sout or Jaiden animations
Mr. Ashtastic
Mr. Ashtastic Prije dan
I think Jaiden now that I think about it
Cole Oostwegel
Cole Oostwegel Prije dan
8:49 yassss dis 1 we shall make her queen... Of hives
Cole Oostwegel
Cole Oostwegel Prije dan
8:49 Yeeess brotha dis is da queen
moonbeam Prije dan
ew hives i hate them-
James & Lacrisha Hicks
James & Lacrisha Hicks Prije dan
Yep it’s time to die see you later What does that mean no more animations
Pranavanand Tadepalli
Pranavanand Tadepalli Prije dan
Girls with time machine: OMG you're my grandmother? Boys with time machine: Jaiden that rash isn't normal go to the hospital right now
Levent Toklu
Levent Toklu Prije dan
I hate hives.
GIGI Prije dan
She hasn’t have hives in 5 months and 9 days! And like 2 years...
N O O B ?
N O O B ? Prije dan
This happened on December 2019
Ya'ir kochalsky
Ya'ir kochalsky Prije dan
8:17 i did 3 time yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
I arm bears
I arm bears Prije dan
"Does that mean I've developed a really bad allergic reaction to Ari?" My phone: McDonalds ad pops up and all I see are chicken nuggets Me: *so it's out drink*
Game Girl
Game Girl Prije dan
Welcome to my world!
Beat Playz
Beat Playz Prije dan
I have been on steroids to
Oliver Anderson
Oliver Anderson Prije dan
When the boss has too many phases
evaparra8160 Prije dan
I never got hives
[ - Shade - ]
[ - Shade - ] Prije dan
I think i used to have hives in my but before. It was super itchy and I didnt need to go to the doctors.
S1PH0N Fortnite
S1PH0N Fortnite Prije dan
I’m allergic to peanut butter and I almost died from peanut butter when I was 2... I’m still alive
Susan Vega
Susan Vega Prije dan
I have hives too
Nate Weiss
Nate Weiss Prije dan
Lucky Man474
Lucky Man474 Prije dan
ash panda
ash panda Prije dan
I hate eppypens if thats how i spell it
Easton Engblom
Easton Engblom Prije dan
I have had hives
Coco Bun
Coco Bun Prije dan
Ive had hives before but thankfully not that severe, im allergic to nuts and have eczema so ye
SHINEX plays
SHINEX plays Prije dan
I have hives and its fricking so bad I just sit bath tub with super cold water I suffer it when I was 8 .
Mistery Taco
Mistery Taco Prije dan
I just watched is a had a ITCHYEST ALERGIC REACTION!!!
Ashleigh Brown
Ashleigh Brown Prije dan
3:34 animal crossing?
White Prije dan
Dhia Danish Roslan
Dhia Danish Roslan Prije dan
I'm elergic to POWDER
Carter CUBE
Carter CUBE Prije dan
Jesus was reading Jaiden's favorite book.
TontoDraws Prije dan
Wow, I never knew this was a thing. 👁👄👁
Nigel Tube
Nigel Tube Prije dan
Hey I guess Jesus likes pet.
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